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5,000 Voices is an initiative aimed at securing 5,000 donors who want to give to Promising Pathways: The Campaign for Clark College, and who also want to share their feelings about why they give and the people they help. People generate successful campaigns. People who not only share their gifts, no matter the size, but also their voices of support for causes they believe in. Here are some of those voices:

Left to right, Rep. Gina Mosbrucker and Earth-Feather Sovereign.

“I really appreciated the [Clark Partners] cover story “(Stolen) Sisters.” It was wonderful that you did it. It was great timing too because of what’s happening at Clark around equity. I felt so strongly about it I wanted to call you. I appreciate your efforts to make the area a more equitable place.” Derya Ruggles ’00, former Clark College Alumni Board member in a phone call





“I’m applying for a part-time job teaching journalism at my local community college, Central Oregon Community College (COCC). My work for Clark College is what made me so enthusiastic about the mission and culture of community colleges, so you are actually a big reason why I started following the job postings at COCC, looking for something that matched my skills and experience. In short, learning about Clark has made me want to be a bigger part of the community college in my own backyard.” Lilly McCaulou, freelance writer for Clark Partners magazine, in an email


partners-summer-2019-coverKudos to the Clark Partners Magazine, Summer 2019. The astonishing front cover by Mi’kmaq artist Loretta Gould is a dramatic punch to the title of the story: Stolen Sisters. The story by Claire Sykes explains that the red dresses symbolize the thousands of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls, a growing phenomena across this country ignored by the media, until recently. The movement of native families tormented by lost loved one erupted onto the national stage and a brave Washington Rep. Gina Mosbrucker felt called to take this crisis into the State Capitol in Olympia in 2018…. There is no short way to tell this story or even begin to describe the valor of native women who relentlessly pursued this change or report about what pushed Mosbrucker into full battle. Read the full letter. Tanna Engdahl, elder in the Cowlitz Tribe, in Letter to the Editor in The Columbian newspaper

“I have fond memories of Clark. I went on to become a teacher for 31 years, mostly junior high, physical education and coaching. I’ve been retired for 33 years, traveling the world on motorcycles and scuba diving. Life is good and it all started with Clark.” Clyde Warner ’48 in a phone message

Clyde Warner 1948 Clark graduate

Clyde Warner ’48

“I spent four years working on a warship. I watched missiles fly over Haifa [Israel]. I swam in the Dead Sea. I had experiences that college kids don’t generally have. I didn’t fit except here at Clark’s VRC.”

Ali Warlitner ’19 with her son, Calvin.

Ali Warlitner ’19, Navy veteran, was featured in Clark Partners, summer 2019

“I have dug in. I have found my niche at Clark by volunteering and financially supporting Clark’s student veterans. I believe in this institution and what it’s doing. If you don’t, you won’t be successful as a volunteer for the college.”

Buck Marr, USAF retired

Buck Marr, a retired major general in the United States Air Force, featured in Clark Partners, summer 2019

“The Foundation did a story on me called “Para mi hijo y para mi vida” (For my son and for my life). I just wanted to let you know that I will finally be finishing my AA degree this June after 10 years of trying to finish my degree. With my medical issues it’s been a journey but I made it! I wanted to thank you for writing that story so many years ago on my journey here at Clark College. It has always meant a lot to me. I told you I’d finish!”

Cecilia “Cici” Contreras-Mendez, alumna featured in Clark Partners, summer 2013

“The Clark College Foundation is excellent in so many ways. The staff is truly exceptional―always courteous, concerned, and helpful.”

MarCine Miller Miles, alumna, former Clark College Trustee, former Clark College Foundation Board member

“As always, I enjoyed reading my Clark Partners magazine. I found it interesting to find out about Shirley Sackman since during my time at Clark. My dad taught at Clark for 28 years and never knew anything about her musical accomplishments. I would have loved to have learned about the “other” side of my profs when I was at Clark. Often you see your profs only as profs, but they all have another side to them that give them their multifaceted life and uniqueness. Keep up the great work.”

Jean Drevdahl Orchard, Ph.D., RN 1981, online comment about Clark Partners

Shirley Sackman

“Shirley [Sackman] was an inspiration to many. I will always remember talking to her on campus, and especially her coming to the science/math socials on her way home on Fridays! She dedicated her life to her mother and the students at Clark College. My condolences to her family. I will think of her often.”
Robin Terjeson, retired science faculty on Facebook

Marva Edwards

“Clark College continues to expand all efforts for students to excel. Thank you for being a “Forward Thinking” college.”

Marva Edwards, alumna and 2018 outstanding alumni recipient, in the 2019 alumni survey

Vita Blanco and Carol Parker-Walsh

Vita Blanco ’19 and Carol Parker-Walsh

“The Clark College community has become my backbone in my educational journey. There were many days filled with doubt, fear and too little time to get everything done, but the support and motivation from professors and staff have inspired me and made a huge impact on my success.”

Esmeralda “Vita” Blanco, student and scholarship recipient, in Clark Partners

“It was a beautiful day and thank you for the awesome BBQ!”

Bryony Melcher, alumna, on Facebook during a May softball/baseball double header tailgate

“I’m impressed by the new Clark College Foundation website. As always, Lisa Gibert’s team is doing great things with the Promising Pathways fundraising campaign.”

Benjamin J. Hayford, on LinkedIn

“I am thankful for the wonderful and generous donors who chose me as the recipient of their scholarship.”

Kinai Kiyokawa, scholarship student, on message board at 2016 scholarship reception

“I am thankful to Jim and Paula Palmer for the generous gift in support of my education and in my journey to becoming a fantastic nurse!”

Lisa Ethridge, scholarship student, on message board at 2016 scholarship reception

“I’m a recipient of the Edda McCordic Talent Award from @ClarkCollege! So thankful students can count on help from generous donors!” #ipromiseclarkcollege

Lindsey Norberg, on Twitter during Savoring Excellence 2019

“Amazing event today at Clark. Yummy food and great performances!”#ipromiseclarkcollege

Merry Carlos, on Twitter during Savoring Excellence 2019

“Thank you for putting your faith in me and wanting to see me succeed. It’s nice that the [Michele and Greg] Goodwins would take a chance on me.”

Ariana Peters, Clark STEM student and scholarship recipient, in Clark Partners

“He [Robert Wallace ’37] wanted his money to help [less fortunate] students. He didn’t think it would be a good idea to spend money on a building. The money should be used for scholarships.”

Bob Blanchard, son of Robert Wallace, about Wallace’s $4 million scholarship 2019 estate gift in Clark Partners


“The last thing he [Jim Raines] did with his life was to be at Clark College, which was kind of fitting. And it definitely makes me want to help Clark even more.”

Wilma Raines ’57, donor, featured in Clark Partners

“Now, if I can engage alumni in contributing to Clark’s Promising Pathways campaign, and also reach more alumni of color, then I can make a difference in others’ lives, as well.”

Brittini Lasseigne ’05, alumni board member, featured in Clark Partners

Brittini Lasseigne


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