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Penguin Chats: Season II

It Begins with a Child

It Begins with a Child

Diversity and equity. Getting parents involved with their children’s learning. Dual language programs taking hold. Curriculum of humor. Three local educators came together in late June to explore these and other timely issues facing early childhood education. Listen to their ideas recorded before a live audience.

Searching for the Next Penguin in Chief

Searching for a Penguin in Chief

Clark College tapped an interim president in June while it undertakes its first permanent presidential search in 13 years. Decreases in state funding, drops in enrollment and demographic shifts juxtapose a community that believes deeply in the Penguin Nation, as evidenced by a $35 million fundraising campaign that is more than half way completed. How will Clark select the next Penguin in Chief? Who has a say in the process? How can you get involved?

Farewell To Clark's 13th President

Farewell To Clark's 13th President

There is no doubt that President Bob Knight is passionate about Clark. He’s spent the past 13 years building relationships with all the people who make up this community’s college. He’s stepping down from his post this summer, but he’ll continue to be an advocate for Clark students. How well do you know Bob Knight? How far is he willing to go for Clark students? You might be surprised by the answer.

Delightful Food Experiences at Clark

Delightful Food Experiences at Clark

Chefs Earl Frederick and Aaron Guerra have unique styles—such as cooking fried chicken low and slow, or special teaching techniques that help students understand the food experience. Both use Clark’s guided pathways framework in the coursework. Listen to tricks of the trade and how you can get involved with the Cuisine program. Photo by Pixabay.com

Personalized Path

Personalized Path

Clark students are getting new personalized support as they embark on academic and professional goals. A new framework – called Guided Pathways – has turned around several struggling community colleges across in the nation. Lorie, a full-time card dealer in the gaming industry before an injury put her out of work, is one Clark student who has embraced the new approach in an effort to change her future.

Penguin Chats: Season I

Delicious Mysteries at Clark

“Delicious mysteries at Clark”

Ellie Alexander is an alumna and author of the popular Bakeshop Mystery series. She was at Clark in 2018 to launch her latest book, “Till Death Do Us Tart.” Alexander shared some of her writing tips and ideas for her next books before a live audience, while Clark’s pastry chef shared the secrets of making a no-fail chocolate ganache.

Birds of a Feather Make Great Music Together

“Birds of a feather make great music together”

Rich Inouye

Clark’s music program has a reputation for producing some remarkable musicians. Rich Inouye, the former head of Clark’s band programs and leader of its revered annual Jazz Festival, helped to create that reputation before his retirement in 2018. Joel B. Munson talked to Inouye in 2018 about how he went from soaring with a flock of falcons with the prestigious Air Force Academy Band to shaking things up with a jazzy waddle of Clark penguins.

The Places We Will Go

“The Places We Will Go”

Keith Koplan and Randy Grove are long-time Clark College Foundation board members reflect on their collective tenure, recalling how area banks stopped selling them certificates of deposit because the foundation owned too many. CEO Lisa Gibert spoke with the two men to talk about where the organization has been and the places it’s going next.

DNA of Dirt

“DNA of Dirt” Professor Roberto Anitori with student Georgia Tytler.

Dr. Roberto Anitori talks about a new cutting-edge course he’s teaching at Clark College that identifies the genetic makeup of dirt. He’s using a hand-held device that is leveling the playing field for scientists to analyze samples outside of their labs.

Patchwork of Words

Patchwork of Wordsmarie bostwick

National bestselling author and Clark Alumna Marie Bostwick ’80 believes it’s never too late start writing. She’s an example of that having raised three children and moved around the country for her husband’s career before seriously putting pen to paper. Now she’s on fire having published 14 full-length novels in 10 years. Her popular books include two different series, called Cobbled Court Quilt and Too Much, Texas.

Discovering Gravitational Waves

Discovering Gravitational Waves

Cody Messick ’10 spends most of his waking hours out of this world. He’s part of a team of scientists that confirmed the sound of space-time compressing, cosmic events that occurred one billion years ago when black holes collided.

Pushing Words

Pushing Words”  – Mitchell Jackson ’93 is an author andMitchell Jackson educator who is playing a part in the national discourse about race relations. His newest novel focuses on immediate decisions that African American men make to stay alive, and the prejudice of appearances. In this podcast, he also reads an excerpt from his book, “Survival Math.”

The Power of Inclusion

The Power of Inclusion

Dr. Debi Jenkins

Professor Debi Jenkins ’93 explains what social equity is, how to dismantle power privilege and how being called a racist is misunderstood. Jenkins is an expert in age-related changes that occur throughout a person’s life and she’s a national speaker on equity practices.

Reflections of a Mayor

Reflections of a Mayor

Former Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt ’92 reflects on his political career, how he championed rapid transit and set the foundation for affordable housing. Also, he thinks there’s plenty of room for better leadership at the highest levels of government in the state of Washington. Does that mean he’ll run for national office?

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