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April 2023

Teddy Davis ’56

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Jerry Wilson ’62

March 2023

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Charles “Chuck” Conway ’67

Richard Kishimoto ’61

Ronald “Ron” Porterfield ’67

Lyle D. Leach ’48, 97, passed away in January 2023. Leach ’48 grew up in Vancouver, joined the U.S. Marines and served in combat during World War II in the Pacific. He was severely injured when a grenade landed in his foxhole. He was declared lost and left with the dead but was rescued by a fellow Marine who noticed Leach was breathing. Leach lost an eye because of that valiant experience and returned home with shrapnel in his body and a Purple Heart.

Lyle Leach ’48, right, with his wife Alice

Lyle Leach ’48, right, with his wife Alice

He entered Clark College and soon met, and then married, Alice Marie. Her first husband died fighting in Europe leaving her with two young daughters. She and Leach raised the children together. He studied agriculture, business and engineering at Clark while working at a small dairy and chicken farm. Later, a farm accident left him unable to do physical labor, so he applied for a position with commercial building company now called Kiewit. The job took he and Alice to project sites along the West Coast. After various promotions, they returned to Vancouver permanently where Leach became an executive with the company.

Lyle and Alice were staunch believers in a Clark College education. They established the Leach Engineering Scholarship Endowment to assist generations of students. Their belief in helping others, guided their 75-year life together.

February 2023

Charles Day ’54

January 2023

Paul DeLong ’52

Rex Pruitt ’53

Robert “Bob” Steel ’59

Garvin Grider ’64

John Horn ’65

Earl Meininger ’68

Theodore “Ted” Page ’65

Peter Parkinson ’65

December 2022

David Morris ’57

Mary Lackaff ’63

Kent Vaughters ’66

November 2022

Joyce Kilpatrick ’59

October 2022

Dean Weibel ’50 

Cloyd “Lyn” Nutter ’67

John Scott ’61

Hal Stevens ’67

September 2022

Alice Leach ’48 and her husband Lyle ’48 at a Clark scholarship reception in 2016.

Alice Leach ’48 and her husband Lyle ’48 at a Clark scholarship reception in 2016.

Alice Leach ’48 died recently at the age of 97. Strong believers in the power of higher education, Alice and her husband of 75 years, Lyle ’48, contributed to Clark College Foundation for more than a quarter of a century. Having donated more than 375 books to the Cannell Library over their lifetimes, the couple also established the Leach Engineering Scholarship, which provides tuition for deserving students each year. Alice was also a volunteer and served on Clark College Foundation’s Board of Directors from 1991 to 1999.

Joseph “Joe” Fish ’57

Richard “Dick” Chandlee ’61

Harold Olson ’67

David “Dave” Shaver ’60

John Zumwalt ’67

August 2022

C. Arthur “Art” Reinhardt ’58

William “Bill” Stricker ’65

Lonnie Woods ’61

July 2022

Frank Emerick ’55

Charles “Terry” Thomas

Robert “Bob” Cook ’68

Floyd Steen ’69

June 2022

Stanley “Stan” Charlston ’56

Commodore “C.G.” Gaither ’53

Clifford “Cliff” Benjamin ’60

May 2022

Richard “Dick” Eten ’55

Orson Ravenberg ’57

Curtis Rink ’59

Jeffrey “Jeff” Boutwell ’68

Melvin “Mel” Harnett ’66

David Phelps ’65

April 2022

Dean “Jerry” Bork ’60

Arpa Martell ’67

Alberta Yearout ’65

March 2022

Virginia Abernathy ’42

Conrad “Roger” Behm ’58

Leroy Frazier ’56

Ronald “Ron” Gustafson ’54

Lewis “Lew” Olsen ’58

Max Pruitt ’55

Robert “Bob” Schaefer ’50

Roger Cain ’68

Carolyn “Carrie” Golladay ’69

Ronald “Ron” Hunter ’60

John Jollymore ’62

Michael “Mike” McGraw ’69

Edward “Ed” Melloy ’68

Genevieve “Gen” Meyer ’64

February 2022

Ann Edwards ’48

Richard “Dick” Edwards ’48

Gary Barker ’65

Wendy Nickelson ’69

Grace Phillips ’68

January 2022

Rodney “Rod” Ellertson ’53

Robert “Bob” Kuzma ’62

December 2020

Stephen Page ’59

Gary Zepernick ’61

Dennis Dugas ’63

Alan Busby ’65

November 2020

Jay Mitcham ’54

Melvin Lillard ’55

James McIntosh ’59

Stephen Page ’59

Raymond “Ray” Wilson ’58

October 2020

Gordon Hunt ’68

Bonnie Smith ’63

September 2020

Ellen Clark ’53

Elizabeth Wilson ’56

Craig Milnor ’69

August 2020

Robert “Bob” Clark ’50

Bob "Bobby" Gladson ’56

Bob “Bobby” Gladson ’56

Jean Ellenz ’51

July 2020

Bob “Bobby” Gladson ’56

Thomas Pratt ’49

Floyd Detering ’51

Marcus Potts ’60

June 2020

John Liming ’52

Daniel Parr ’57

Ronald Hart ’62

Pamela Beggs ’68

May 2020

Diane Sampson ’54

Richard Williamson ’60

Jan Repman ’68

April 2020

Norman Linn ’53

Buddy “Bud” Gaylor ’58

William Colwill ’65

Frances “Arlene” Hilbrands ’66

March 2020

Catherine Eagle ’67

February 2020

Francis Chenette ’49

Dorothy Mitchell ’52

Shirley Morrow ’54

Kathleen Molyneux ’58

Charles Gaylord ’59

Sheldon Berg ’60

Jerry Monahan ’68

January 2020

Dean Dossett ’66 who served as Camas’ mayor from 1992 to 2002, and as a councilman in the late ’80s, died at age 77. Dossett worked at the Camas paper mill for 38 years, but is largely remembered for presiding over the city’s economic diversification. He also founded the United Camas Association of Neighborhoods, a now-defunct organization that granted money to neighborhood associations.

Milton Cox ’50

Kenneth Bays ’61

James Crowder ’62

Ila “Bonnie” McCourtney ’65

Rodney “Rod” Koch ’66

Jerome Bakshas ’67

December 2019

Richard Robertson

Richard “RC” Robertson ’52 – passed away on Dec 17, 2019.

Richard “RC” Robertson ’52 – passed away on Dec 17, 2019.

Robertson turned 90 this past October. Robertson played three sports at Clark – football, basketball and baseball and was even drafted to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robertson’s wife, Moline, and he lived in Scottsdale, AZ where he started the first credit union in Arizona.

David “Dave” Cannard ’52

Floyd “Keith” Neubauer ’52

John Bucholtz ’58

Betty Stufflebean ’58

Steven Hinze ’65

Shirley Talbott ’67

November 2019

Sue Cannard ’51

Marjorie Cook ’52

Merle Prouty ’53

Lowell Kimsey ’61

Jeanette Burckhard ’66

October 2019

David “Dave” Cannard ’52

Fred Veith ’52

Gordon Purviance ’53

Joseph Mscichowski ’53

Maude Ryan ’54

Richard Brookshire ’60

Perry Cardott ’60

Walter Gear ’66

Charles Olmstead ’66

September 2019

Sue Cannard ’63

Lowell Hart ’49

Gerald Hard ’56

Robert Elwin Kroner ’59

August 2019

Carl Akre ’66

Nancy Rader ’69

Jeanette Marie Schmid ’66

July 2019

Myron Hastings ’60

Elmer Kraft ’68

June 2019

Gary Isaacson ’55 – Passed away in June 2017. He was a professional engineer with a degree in mechanical engineering from Washington State University. Isaacson was employed by Boeing Aircraft for many years. Isaacson is survived by wife: Gail; children: Brian, Denny, and Suzanne, their spouses; and his six grandchildren. Isaacson was a loving and caring person and is greatly missed by his family.

Gordon Buslach ’53

Roger Howard Hurley ’59

Richard “Bob” Kumma ’67

Robert Erdman Meuler ’51

Elizabeth Jean Millz ’66

May 2019

Alfred Lyndon Gabriel ’66

James George ’51

Franklin Wayne Rodgers ’58

Darwin Maurice Waddell ’53

April 2019

Dorothy Lou Anderson ’61

Paul Norton Brady ’60

David Creagan ’51

Eva Susanne Meggs ’69

George Herman Plummer ’54

March 2019

Charles Crumpacker ’61

Frances Marie Fischer-Munson ’46

Alfred Lyndon Gabriel ’66

Alvin “Al” Carl Gustafson ’68

Gordon Leonard Homola ’65

David Skeans ’59

Katherine Marie Wills ’65

February 2019

Leona M. Anderson ’62

Eugene “Gene” Forbes ’64

Kenneth “Ken” Greenfield Sr. ’57

Duane Kennedy ’68

Elaine “Chic” Sutherland ’64

James Edward Thorkildson ’68

January 2019

Carrell Francis Bennett ’49

John “Jack” Crowley

Jack E. Emerson Jr ’58

John Michael Lehner ’62

Gerald “Jerry” McGee ’53

Gerald W. Williams ’65

December 2018

Norma Gosiak ’68

Lowell G. Madson ’57

Edward Tandberg ’65

October-November 2018

Diane Sampson ’54 – passed away following an operation performed in Olympia, WA. Sampson is survived by her husband, Marvin, daughters, Karen Talaski, Joyce Henry, Sally Huber, a son, Michael Hutchinson, four grandchildren, and six great grandchildren. Sampson graduated from Vancouver High School before attending Clark College. Sampson met and married her first husband, David Hutchinson while attending college and later divorced. She was editor of the 1954 edition of the “Galopagon”.

Richard Hader ’63

Roy Hurford ’59

James Liedtke



James “Jim” Liedtke ’57




Patricia Maser ’64

Edward Rakoz ’59

Janice Schurman ’65

Cecil “Ed” Sinclair ’60

September 2018

Joyce Brown ’57

Forrest Kelly ’53

James Lee ’65

Wilma Waddle ’64

Wayne Young ’66

August 2018

Beverly “Bev” Boydstun ’55 – She earned an associate degree at Clark College, was editor of the Galapagon yearbook, was selected as a May Queen, played field hockey, fenced and sang in the choir. While at Clark in 1954, she met her future husband, Ken Boydstun. Ken was a point guard on the men’s basketball team, which in the 1955, won a championship. He was also a baseball player. In 2018, Ken was inducted into Clark’s Athletics Hall of Fame class.

Ronald “Ron” Parry ’63

Larry and Judy Swatosh

Larry ’57 and Judy ’56 Swatosh in 2015. Larry passed away August 28.

Larry Swatosh ’57 passed away on August 28. Larry was a 2008 Outstanding Alumni recipient. He served on several Clark College Foundation committees including the alumni board and the Weber Arboretum committee for more than 20 years. He and his wife Judy are long-time friends to Clark College who have supported scholarships and alumni activities. His creativity and kindness will be missed at Penguin Nation. A memorial will be held at Clark College. Details to come.

Carol J. Winters ’65

F. Jerome “Jerry” Studer ’63 – He was an auto mechanic who was recruited in September 1951 to be an instructor at Clark College where he then taught through June 1976 (25 years). Jerry took great pride in watching his students succeed in the auto-repair industry.

July 2018

Jerry Pierce ’56 began working as a carpenter in 1976 and later as the lead locksmith for the Vancouver School District. He remained with the district until his retirement in 2000. As a member of the Fort Vancouver Rose Society he often showcased his award-winning roses. Pierce was a community baseball coach for 20 years.

Roderick Groth ’52

Douglas Schaller ’64

Richard Urban ’64

Melvin Vinsonhaler ’60

June 2018

Virginia “Lulu” Schonberger-Cusic ’62

Rudolph “Rudy” Luepke ’53 died on April 25, 2018. His father, Rudolph A. Luepke (1908-1969) was the mayor of Vancouver from 1962-1966 and the owner of Luepke Florist. The elder Luepke is the person for whom the Luepke Center is named after.

May 2018

Robert Atkins ’57

Dollie Beers ’37

Peggy Tully Bledsoe ’49

Darrell Brandenburg ’54

Virginia “Ginger” Hansen ’52

Joan Keene ’63

Aivin Reichenberger ’64

April 2018

Laura Klein ’66 – Klein received her GED and associate degree at Clark before going on for advanced degrees. She spent her career in elementary education. She believed education to be a high priority for everyone.

Patricia “Pat” Lindgren ’64

Peggy Presler ’68

James Proctor ’52

John Ulrich ’59

March 2018

Richard “Dick” Baranovich ’52

Joseph Harrell ’50

Paul Herber ’59

Duane Liddle ’52

James “Jim” Raines ’55

February 2018

Robert Boyle ’55

James Brownlee ’66

John Johnson ’49

Glen Johnston ’62

Eugene “Hap” Hapala ’51 – Clark College graduate, Hap played baseball for Clark as well as Battle Ground High School and Pacific Lutheran College. He was also a catcher during his stint in the U.S. Army and on a Legion Ball team. He was a dedicated coach and teacher who was honored as a Southwest Washington District Athletic Director of the Year and named to the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association Athletic Directors Hall of Fame.

Wilton Koehler ’50

Muriel Ringel ’67

Gerald Wilson ’63

January 2018

Clifford Koppe ’63

Leighton Lewis ’58

Conard Maul ’49

John “Jack” Ryan ’58

Redmond Lindsey Sharp ’54

James Derald Warner ’67