October 2020

Mary Flaherty ’98

Jean Tanninen ’94

September 2020

Sue Williams ’96

Wesley Bellamy ’99

August 2020

Julia Norton ’93

July 2020

Barbara Hughes ’91

Jeremy Kanooth ’99

April 2020

Joanne Polinder ’91

Polinder attended Clark’s nursing program to become a hospice nurse after her husband passed away because she was so impressed with the nurses who helped her late husband. She graduated in 1991 with highest honors and became a hospice nurse, ultimately concluding her career with Kaiser’s hospice program.

March 2020

Michael Fahey ’99

February 2020

Jerrold Dick ’93

January 2020

Marlene Clark ’92

Jon Mcivor ’94

Rocky Beardsher ’95

December 2019

Roger Durgin ’90

Janice Mcnee ’94

James Fay ’96

November 2019

Masayoshi “Maco” Matsumoto ’92

Masayoshi “Maco” Matsumoto, 49, of New Haven, Conn., passed away unexpectedly on August 16, 2019, at home. He was born on January 4, 1970, in Tokyo, Japan, and was the son of the late Hiroaki and Yukiko (Endo) Matsumoto. Matsumoto ’92 was loved by many including his brother Yoshiaki Matsumoto of Japan; his partner of nearly 10 years Frank Stellabotte; and his canine companions Pico, Lula, and especially the late Louise Piccolina. Matsumoto graduated from Clark College and studied harpsichord and piano at the Conservatory of Grand Avignon.

He began his career at the Virgin Megastores of Tokyo prior to moving to his second home, Los Angeles, where he was employed by JTB International for over 15 years. Most recently, he worked for the Kitano Hotel and Rakuten of New York City. Matsumoto enjoyed learning new languages and traveling throughout the globe where he made lifelong friends wherever he went. He was also passionate about Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.

November 2019

Karen Williamson ’92

Carolyn Hanley ’95

Eugene “Gene” Anderson ’98

October 2019

Tyson Gibson ’94

Tamara Auburg ’99

September 2019

Kay Schlemmer ’90

Scott Moore ’90

Nancy Baker ’90

Scott Arthur Barton ’91

August 2019

Nancy Baker ’90

Brian Goldsmith ’93

Jean Ann Westrand ’92

July 2019

Gregory Lathrop ’99

June 2019

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Pamela S. Yepiz ’96

May 2019

Thomas Kromminga ’99

Vicki Lynne Lawson ’91

March 2019

Bruce  R. Carlson ’93

January 2019

Joan Annette Murray ’90

December 2018

Larry Winters ’95

October-November 2018

Eric Garren ’97

LaVerne Stein ’93

August 2018

Michelle Schreiner ’96

March 2018

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