Penguins gather in Arizona to reminisce about Clark

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Clark Penguins who live and sunbathe in Arizona gathered at the Biltmore Adobe Restaurant in Phoenix on March 15 with members of Clark College Foundation’s staff to talk about the latest projects happening on campus and ways they can stay involved with their alma mater.

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Clark alumni, retired faculty and their spouses listen to Clark College Foundation’s Hal Abrams talk about tax tips during a social gathering at the Biltmore Adobe Restaurant in Phoenix on March 15, 2018.

In attendance were Mike Pick, Mike Greenwood, John Martin, Wayne Colony and Mike Sequeira, retired professors representing Geology, Math, Anatomy and Physiology, and Biology, with 125 combined years of service.

Also at the event was a three-sport Penguin who competed in baseball, basketball and football. He was even drafted and scheduled to play alongside Jackie Robinson before a case of pneumonia knocked him out of the draft, ending his baseball dreams.

Richard Robertson graduated from Clark in 1952 with an accounting degree and went on establish the Arizona Credit Union.

Foundation staff offered the distinguished Penguins special tax tips such as how to direct a required distribution to Clark College Foundation in order to reduce income taxes.

All Penguins who are thinking about including Clark College in their estate plans should contact Hal Abrams or Vivian Cheadle Manning so that they can help you combine your philanthropic wishes and personal goals with beneficial income and tax savings.

We love seeing happy, healthy and suntanned Penguins on this annual event. If you live in Arizona and would like to join us in March 2019, contact us today.


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