Fees, alumni benefits, unsubscribe and other FAQs

Q: How are the funding priorities identified?
Identifying priorities is a collaboration between Clark College’s administration, board of trustees, academic leadership, Clark College Foundation and community leaders. For example, a campaign feasibility study, led by Clark College Foundation, was conducted in 2015 focusing on key variables to identify campaign success. A college brand refresh began in March 2016 that included formal and informal research methodologies. The research revealed Clark’s strengths and areas for improvement including where important resources were needed.

Q: When did the most recent campaign begin? When will it end?
The Promising Pathways campaign started on July 1, 2015. It concluded on June 30, 2022.

Q: What is your investment strategy?
Clark College Foundation seeks high inflation-adjusted returns to support current and future needs of Clark College. The foundation’s policy is to manage total risk by investing in a diversified portfolio of financial assets, including domestic and international stocks, bonds, mutual funds, private equity and cash equivalents. Investment options related to the foundation’s assets are reviewed regularly by Clark College Foundation’s Investment Committee, as well as Clark College Foundation’s Board of Directors to ensure prudent financial management of the foundation’s assets, particularly its significant endowment.

Fees, EIN and contacting us

Q: What is your administrative fee on gifts?
Through careful management, Clark College Foundation keeps its expenses low while providing high-quality services to our partners. We charge a 10% administrative fee for gifts that range from $1 to $9,999. These types of donations have added costs associated with them and therefore require a higher administrative fee. Gifts of $10,000 or more are charged 5%. Should you have further questions about the fees, please contact Daniel Rogers, CFO, at 360.992.2659.

Q: What is your tax information?
Clark Community College District 14 Foundation EIN: 23-7315006

Q: What is your email?
foundation@supportclark.org. To reach a staff member, use their first-name initial and full last name, like this: rmorin@supportclark.org

Q: I have a question about my donation and/or estate giving. Who can help me?
Vivian Manning can assist you with your questions about giving to Clark College and Clark College Foundation. There are also plenty of other foundation staff who can help you: Visit our staff web page.

Penguin Nation Passport

Q: How do I add the Penguin Nation Passport to my iPhone?
Access the email from your smartphone and click the “Download” button, then click “Add to Wallet” and “Add.” The card will automatically go to your iPhone’s Apple Wallet. It can be accessed in Wallet at any time.

Q: How do I add the Penguin Nation Passport to my Android phone?
Android users need to download Wallet Passes from Google Play. After you have the app, access the email from your smartphone and click “Download” in the membership email, and the card will automatically go to your Wallet Passes app, where it can be accessed at any time.

Q: I have a question about my Penguin Nation Passport benefits.
Click here to visit our Penguin Nation Passport page for a full list of benefits.

Q: My name is spelled wrong/membership level is incorrect on my Penguin Nation Passport.
Contact us at alumni@supportclark.org

Q: I downloaded my Penguin Nation Passport. but I can’t find it.
If you have an iPhone, the card will automatically download to Apple Wallet. Check the app for your new card. Scroll through any cards that are already there as it may be hiding. If you have an Android, you’ll need to download Wallet Passes from the Play Store prior to downloading the card.


Q: How do I unsubscribe from communications from Clark College Foundation?
Contact Dan Palow, AVP Advancement Operations at 360.992.2789