Guided Pathways

Guided pathways is a complete redesign of the way that the college functions from start to finish.

“The nature of this work is to directly address the social equity disparities that exist in our community, and as a result, allow our students to meet opportunities present in our society,” according to Karl Bailey and Margit Brumbaugh, guided pathway liaisons for Clark College.

Guided pathways is a national endeavor to make community colleges more effective by creating clear pathways in education to employment. It creates mobility and equity for students during their collegiate experience by relying heavily on wraparound services that augment their educational journey.

There are four pillars for guided pathways:
Create clear pathways to education and employment
Help students get on a path
Keep students on a path
Ensure students are learning along their path

To follow those pillars, students receive advising and assistance with an academic plan, career plan and financial plan.

The foundation is committed to raising $4 million to support the successful transition to the guided pathways framework.


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