Employee Giving Challenge

Employee Giving Challenge

Every one of us can be proud of what we do to help Penguins succeed. During this year’s Employee Giving Campaign, your gift to any area adds important support, and you’ll be a critical part of unlocking a $5,000 match from generous donors for Penguin Pantry.

The Challenge

As of June 24, 2020, 233 employees, retired or current, made a gift, surpassing our goal of 220 donors and unlocking $5,000 for Penguin Pantry. Thank you! 

The original goal was to welcome 220 Clark College current and/or retired employees to make a gift by commencement (June 18, 2020). Then generous donors would give $5,000 to Penguin Pantry.  Also, the department with the highest participation rate would win a catered meal.

Even though our goal has been met, please consider making a gift by June 18 if you haven’t already. Clark students count on our generosity, and all of our support is needed. 

Department Competition Update

The Employee Giving Campaign encourages strong department involvement. The department or unit with the greatest participation rate will receive a catered meal in the 2020-2021 academic year when operations return to allowing us to gather. The group may also choose to donate the cost of the meal back to the fund. 

Current departments and the percent of giving, ranked from highest to lowest, as of May 14, 2020, are: 

President’s Office/Communication and Marketing   |   90%
Business & Health Sciences   |   59%
Economic & Community Development   |   54%
Human Resources   |   50%
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math   |   47%
Clark Libraries & Academic Success Services   |   40%
Office of Diversity and Inclusion   |   40%
Social Science & Fine Arts   |   38%
Basic Ed, English, Communications & Humanities   |   31%
Student Affairs   |   30%
NWAC   |   25%
Planning/Effectiveness   |   22%
Administrative Services   |   20%
Information Technology Services   |   15%
Workforce Professional Technical Education   |   12%
Office of Instruction   |   11%

Meet Megaera 

Employee Campaign

Megaera Jarvis has tried packaged ramen noodles in a variety of combinations. Tuna might be her and her husband’s favorite, though. “They’re really good together!”

Megaera Jarvis has tried packaged ramen noodles in a variety of combinations – with diced chicken, canned tuna, and even tinned sardines. Tuna might be her and her husband’s favorite, though. “They’re really good together!”

Megaera and Matthew Saunders, like to experiment with ways to maximize the nutritional value of inexpensive foods, but in the process they’ve become part of a culture of camaraderie at Penguin Pantry. Over the lunch hour, they’ve made friends with some of the more than 400 students who stretch their grocery budgets by supplementing items from the pantry.

“For me, the pantry is more than a place to pick up a few groceries. I’ve found a community here. We find fellowship as well as something to eat,” said Megaera.

Pantry Use Up

The number of visits to the pantry in the first week of classes was up 170% this year over last, thanks to the good work faculty and staff have done spreading the word. But higher use means greater resources needed to meet the demands. Let’s all join together to help.

How To Give

Employees may give to any department or area of Clark that is meaningful to them and in multiple ways.

Payroll Deduction

When you sign up for payroll deduction, you’ll automatically be counted in each year’s donor goal. Complete the Employee Giving Form, and we’ll take care of the rest.

One-time and recurring credit card gifts

Make your gift with a credit card on Clark College Foundation’s secure website.

Get Involved: Join the O Squad

Join our fun team of Employee Giving Campaign volunteers! Serving as an ambassador for your department and the entire community on the importance of philanthropic giving is a wonderful way to help our students and colleagues.

The O Squad Committee 2019-2020

Veronica Brock
Professor, Health

Coralee Brewer
Clark College Bookstore

Cheryl Davenport

Lora Jenkins
Education planner, Workforce Education Services

Patti Serrano
Professor, Business Administration

Janice Taylor
Program manager, Tutoring Services

Angela Torretta
Director of annual giving and sponsorships, Clark College Foundation

Please contact Angela Torretta at 360.992.2782 for information on making a gift or volunteering.

Thank you for supporting Clark. Together, we help Penguins fly!