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What’s for lunch? Food cart cuisine

A food cart at University of Wisconsin. Photo by Ann Althouse

A food cart at University of Wisconsin. Photo by Ann Althouse

Last year, Clark College formed a task force to propose ways to expand food service on campus and enhance the Culinary Arts instructional program.

Currently, the majority of campus food service is provided by the instructional program, but this will not be possible when the program undergoes changes to its curriculum and facilities. In fact, the Culinary Arts food program will not be accepting new students during the 2013-2014 academic year. Instead, it will delay new enrollments until 2014-2015.

With Culinary Arts temporarily suspended, task force members decided alternative food providers could be welcomed on campus and longer hours of operation put in place to help feed the hungry community.

The idea of privately run food carts is a short-term solution, according to the task force.

In January, the college had an open information session for food-cart owners interested in serving Clark College. Nearly 50 people attended and more than 30 requested more information and access to a request for proposals document that is required by state law for vendors to set up shop at Clark.

Final decisions about the carts will be made by the end March.

“Facilities staff will use spring quarter to prepare the space for the carts so that food carts will be open by July 8, 2013, the first day of summer quarter,” said Karen Wynkoop, director of Business Services and task force member.

The Clark College Bakery and Culinary Arts Bakery program will continue operations during the changes.

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