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Part III

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Part III of the Legacy of an Auspicious CEO, takes Lisa Gibert to her first-ever fundraising campaign just as the Dow Jones plummeted and led to the Great Recession. Later, a second campaign ran head-on into a global pandemic. During all this, Lisa struggled with a personal tragedy and health issues that required months to recover. This is Part III of a three-part series. #penguinchats #ipromiseclarkcollege #clarkcollegefoundation

Part II

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Part II of the Legacy of an Auspicious CEO, explores when Lisa Gibert is introduced to the foundation at a pivotal time, when it went from $8 million to $36 million in assets. The foundation was thrust into the national spotlight, having secured the largest gift a community college had received. This is Part II of a three-part series. #penguinchats #ipromiseclarkcollege #clarkcollegefoundation

Part I

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In Part I of the Legacy of an Auspicious CEO, listen and learn about the selfless character and boundless grit of outgoing CEO Lisa Gibert. She was a resistant accountant who took the helm of Clark College Foundation when the nonprofit was on the precipice of redefining itself and undergoing explosive growth. Nearly two decades later, she built it into one of the most successful—and respected—community college foundations in the nation. This is Part I of a three-part series. #penguinchats #ipromiseclarkcollege #clarkcollegefoundation

Legacy of an auspicious CEO podcast

Written and produced by Rhonda Morin, APR. Edited by Magaurn Video Media. Music from Universal Production Music. Acoustic guitar solo by Rhonda Morin, APR. Graphic by Greg Holly, Acme Graphic Design. Penguin Chats podcast is a production of Clark College Foundation. Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2021-2022


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