Clark College’s history steeped in trade and military

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by Jamie Rapciewicz, The Indepenent

Across Clark’s main campus, fields and pathways wind around the brick buildings, but it is difficult to picture the forest that once covered the land. From the evergreen trees that once stood in place of Gaiser Hall, to the army barracks and artillery grounds that covered the entire campus, to the prison camp that stood near the Applied Arts building, Clark’s land has changed dramatically even before the school’s occupancy.

A map of Vancouver  and Clark’s  land in 1905.

Map of Vancouver and Clark’s land in 1905. Photo courtesy of Pat Jollota

A map drawn by Royal Army Engineer Lt. Mervin Vavasour of the Hudson’s Bay Company Holdings marked Clark’s land as “dense forest.” In fact, all the land north of the Hudson’s Bay Fort Headquarters (Fort Vancouver) was marked as such.

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