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More entrepreneurs = more living-wage jobs
Getting on-the-job training is invaluable. Entrepreneur Mark Zimmerman is eager to show Clark students what can happen when they find meaningful work that they love. He and his wife, Sharon, are committed to matching students with industry internships while being paid a fair hourly wage. Read more

Environmental Verve
Clark College alumni are playing an active role in local and national eco-friendly efforts. They’re teaching the next generation of environmentalists by showing young people how to compost and recycle. Others are on the frontlines of climate justice, changing public policies and raising awareness about the relationship between the economy, pollution and climate change. Read more

Clark alumnus Denis Hayes on creating super green cities
Denis Hayes ’64 is the inspirational organizer of the first Earth Day who spoke at a Clark virtual event in February about how the Pacific Northwest can take the lead in building healthy human ecosystems. Read more

Essay: Geologists who look like me
Geology Professor Michelle Stoklosa explains how she and other Clark science instructors are creating a sense of belonging in the classroom and making their courses more welcoming to all students. Read more

Essay: The heartbeat goes on
Joel B. Munson reflects on his five years leading Clark College Foundation’s fundraising campaign, Promising Pathways. He’s seen 5,000 unique individuals and entities offer their voices and financial resources in support of Clark College by donating nearly 20,000 gifts. Read more

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