Clark revamps technical programs to meet regional industry needs

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Welding Students observe a CNC plasma table

Welding instructor Caleb White, left, shows students Grant Gwilliam and Cody Cook how to use a CNC plasma table, which is used in the computer-assisted cutting of metals.

This summer, Clark is taking the next step in boosting our region’s economy by introducing a new technical program and adjusting some existing programs to better meet the needs of today’s employers.

Highlights include a new Industrial Maintenance Technician (IMT) program that combines a selection of Clark’s existing Mechatronics, Machining and Welding courses. A new curriculum for the Welding program and night classes for its Mechatronics and Machining programs were also added.

“Clark College continually meets the needs of the business community and ensures that students are equipped with high-demand, relevant skills, whether they are full-time students entering the workforce or incumbent workers developing new skills to improve the productivity of their employers,” said Michelle Giovannozzi, Director of Corporate & Community Partnerships for Clark College Corporate & Continuing Education.

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