Educating for the Seventh Generation

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New scholarship expected to assist Native American student
Sunhawk Alvin Thomas

Sunhawk Alvin Thomas is 8 years old and is in the third grade. He’s a member of the Confederate Tribes of the Umatilla Tribes of Oregon. He carried the title of Little Brave in 2012-13.

The annual “Educating for the Seventh Generation” celebration – featuring traditional dancing, drumming and other customs – was held on November 7 in Gaiser Student Center. This is the sixth year that Clark College has coordinated and served as host for an event that honors of Native American Heritage Month. It is one of four signature events held by the college annually to celebrate diverse cultures. This year, members of the celebration  announced the creation a new scholarship, called the Dream Catcher Scholarship. The scholarship will finance the tuition of a Native American student studying at Clark.

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