Ensuring a Bright Future Campaign Progress

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Since May, $1,158,327 has been raised for a total of more than $17.8 million during Clark College’s Ensuring a Bright Future campaign.

Our most recent gifts include:

  • $250,000 grant for Dental Hygiene equipment
  • $130,000 bequest from an estate
  • $50,000 donation to the Penguin Promise scholarship in honor of Ara Serjoie
  • $25,000 scholarship endowment
  • $10,000 in honor of Ara Serjoie

We continue to be focused on raising funds for:

  • Penguin Promise scholarships
  • Science, technology, engineering and mathematics education (STEM)
  • Excellence Fund for Teaching and Learning, including wired classrooms and other information technologies, and faculty and staff professional development

More Advertising

As part of the Ensuring a Bright Future: Campaign for Clark College, you are about to see more television, radio and newspaper advertisements about the college.

There will be a series of TV, radio and newspaper advertisements extoling our students, faculty and programs. We will be showing why investing in education bolsters the local economy and enriches all members of the community. We’ll demonstrate how faculty inspire students, how what we do creates and prepares people for jobs, and the fact that Clark College provides solutions—and most of all—hope for a bright future.

Be watching and listening for ads on morning and news television programs, Oregon Public Broadcasting and local newspapers.

Thank you for your continued support of Clark College. With less than $3 million dollars to go, we are drawing close to our goal of ensuring a bright future for our students and community.


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