From the Ensuring a Bright Future Campaign Leadership Co-chairs

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Vern Peterson (left) and Jan Oliva are the co-chairs of the Campaign Leadership Committee.

Vern Peterson (left) and Jan Oliva are the co-chairs of the Campaign Leadership Committee.

Dear Friends,

Six years ago we embarked on a challenge never before undertaken at Clark College—a comprehensive $20 million fundraising campaign. We dared to “dream the impossible dream,” as said by Robert Oliver, the founding dean of Clark College. “Never stop working to ensure that whether the lifespan of the college should be one year or two, or 100 years or more, it would provide for every student a solid opportunity for substantial learning.”

Over the course of the next five years we raised millions of dollars for scholarships, science, engineering, technology and mathematics, early learning, dental hygiene, technology and professional development for faculty and staff. When President Robert K. Knight announced to a philanthropic audience on May 15, 2013, that the college had raised nearly $17 million, he set in motion a heightened drive of charitable momentum from the community.

Today, we stand with you, proud of the achievements of Clark’s students and their infusion of vigor into the region’s recovering economy. Their futures are brighter because of financial contributions you have made to Ensuring a Bright Future: Campaign for Clark College.

Let’s finish the challenge. Join us by making a donation today to ensure the realization of our impossible dream. Clark is prepared to support employer expectations, address shortages in the workforce, invest in contemporary equipment and keep its faculty current precisely because of your generosity and vision.

We are deeply grateful for all those who have contributed their time, talent and treasure to this ambitious campaign. As such, the place we live, work, play and raise our families will prosper from a foundation of modern education.

Please join us in ensuring a bright future. The time is now.

Vern Peterson and Jan Oliva
Co-chairs, Campaign Leadership Committee


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