Honors program gives high-achieving students real-life experience

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Honors program promotes teamwork at Clark

Prof. Deena Godwin, far left, with Honors program students Patrick Hardy, Christopher Yoong, Alida van Breda, Jason Langley, Lynne Rochelle, Jennifer Campbell and Ben Putnam.

Clark is well known for providing its students with hands-on learning opportunities in career-oriented fields like nursing, dental hygiene and automotive technology. Even so, you might imagine that the highly academic and cerebral Transfer AA Honors Program would be too elevated an atmosphere for “learning by doing.”

Guess again: As the students in Prof. Deena Godwin’s Honors Small Group Communication class explained during a December presentation, their experience with conquering a real-life challenge not only taught them how to apply the theories they’d learned to an actual problem, but also helped prepare them for the sort of situations they’re likely to encounter in their work lives.

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