In memoriam for February 2017

 In In Memoriam, News

Ruth Beatty  –  A career as a nurse followed her graduation from Clark College. Beatty worked for Kaiser Permanente and remained there for the 32 years. Nursing wasn’t a job, it was her calling. (The Columbian)

Dorothy Boyea
Esperanza Brillante ’69
Carole Campbell ’80
Janice Catt ’91
Robert Cruden ’87
Larry Daniel
Esther Friberg
Bonnie Gilbert
Mary Hiatt
Marc Jones
Robert Josephson ’10
Don Lillard
Michael Locke
Mike Lorentz
Myles Lubinski ’62
Christopher Mettler

Jack Shaffer – He studied photography at Clark College and went on to serve in the United States Navy during WW II while stationed in the Hawaiian islands. After the war, Shaffer worked in construction, primarily as a home builder and contractor. He had a passion for building early American style furniture, crafting hundreds of wood carvings and practiced his artistic skills making beautiful wooden birds, doll houses and other pieces of art. (The Columbian)

Mature Learning

John Carr
Joann Joplin
Louise Mair
Edwyna “Eddie” McAninch
Reed Qualley
Laurence Resseguie
Alice Witherwax

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