In memoriam for March 2018

 In In Memoriam

Lloyd Bahr
Richard “Dick” Baranovich ’52
Devon Bentley
Miriam Broderson ’74
Davis Escola ’12
Christopher “Chris” Ficco

Mark Firestone ’71 – After attending Clark College in 1971, Firestone transferred to Washington State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture in 1974. He started working on his Uncle Phil Hawman’s farm and learned the chicken business from his father-in-law, Bob Coburn. His agricultural expertise included chickens, cattle, strawberries, green beans, wheat, rye, grass seed and corn.

Mark Firestone '71 in 2012 at his farm in Dayton, Ore.

Mark Firestone ’71 in 2012 at his farm in Dayton, Ore.

Joseph Harrell ’50
Paul Herber ’59
Duane Liddle ’52
Wayne Lindley
David Manning ’83
William Mauck
Kenneth “Ken” McKee
James “Jim” Raines ’55
Betty Richardson ’98
Thomas Schindler
Mark Sinclair ’75
Deborah “Debbie” Sullivan ’85
Roberta “Bobbie” Tidland ’76
Larry Ward ’70
Michael Wilson ’74


Mature Learning

Margaret Dorman
Calvin “Cal” Erickson
Willis “Jerry” Lonergan
Clare Pettigrew
Kathleen “Kaye” Shattuck
Mary Ellen Vaughan
Robert “Bob” Warner
Mildred Wilson

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