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Hank Boschma

Hank Boschma

Hank Boschma ’64 – In 1962, Hank and his wife Bernice opened their first dairy farm in Woodland, Wash. By 1965, they’d moved to Ridgefield, Wash., and launched another farm. He and his wife took courses at Clark College. Fast forward to 2014, and nearly 60 acres of the Boschma’s Ridgefield land was sold and partially gifted to Clark College Foundation for a future Clark College campus. The Boschma legacy is now a part of Ridgefield’s fabric for generations.



Dennis Cline ’83
Wilma Dawson
Thomas Donovan ’70
Samuel Grooms
Thomas Hardt ’69
Joan Jeffries ’75
Mary “Sue” Johnston ’76
Arlo Kilpatrick ’59
James “Jim” Martin
George Nett ’65
Dwain Mills ’60
June Sparks ’69
Paul Stehlik ’62
Alexander “Alex” Stone
Holly Thorkildson ’88
Walter Wheaton

Mature Learning

Avis Dunn
Dawn Pratt

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