Clark College Foundation has history of investing responsibly

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$80 million in college-related support has been granted to Clark College since 1973

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Clark College Foundation maintains rigorous review protocols and procedures when it comes to gift acquisition and investment strategies. Investment options related to the foundation’s assets are reviewed regularly by Clark College Foundation’s Investment Committee, as well as Clark College Foundation’s Board of Directors. The foundation’s policy to consistently review investment options ensures prudent financial management of the nonprofit’s assets, particularly its significant endowment.

“We are also committed to helping meet the critical and significant financial obligations that allow students to graduate and complete their studies at Clark College,” says CEO Calen D. B. Ouellette. “This includes generating $1.25 million in scholarship support each year that comes from the foundation’s endowment.”

Investing responsibly

It’s been years since the foundation has invested directly into so-called fossil fuel enterprises, including coal, oil and gas companies. In other words, the foundation does not seek out or directly invest its assets in fossil fuel companies.

The majority of the foundation’s investment portfolio consists of mutual funds and limited partnerships. Within that portfolio, exposure to industries associated with fossil fuel enterprises is small and indirect—and less than 1%.

$80 million in college support

The funds generated from donor gifts, as well as the foundation’s investment management program, provide millions of dollars in critical support to Clark students, faculty and staff. Over the last 10 years, Clark College Foundation contributed an average of approximately $3.5 million annually to the college for scholarships, programs and capital support. Since its inception in 1973, Clark College Foundation has provided Clark College with more than $80 million in college-related support.

Without these funds, Clark College would be a much different institution, unable to serve many pressing needs of students and academicians.

Clark College Foundation is a private 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose sole mission is to support Clark College through philanthropic contributions and effective asset investment strategies.

The foundation is self-financed and governed by an independent board of directors and staffed by non-college employees. Because Clark College Foundation is not governed by the college (a state-funded institution) the foundation’s donor records and investment partners are privately and securely maintained and managed.

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