Clark College Foundation responds to Knight’s retirement

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Recently, Clark College President Robert Knight announced his retirement later this summer. Clark College Foundation, the fundraising partner of Clark College, wanted to let you know about its next steps as it continues to support the college during this leadership transition.

The following is a response from Lisa Gibert, CEO of Clark College Foundation and Eric Merrill, vice chair of the foundation’s board of directors:


Full text of the response from Lisa Gibert, CEO of Clark College Foundation and Eric Merrill, vice chair of the Foundation’s Board of Directors:

Lisa: Hello, I’m Lisa Gibert, CEO of Clark College Foundation. I’m here with Eric Merrill, vice chair of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Lisa: You may have heard that Bob Knight, Clark College’s president, will retire at the end of August. He made that announcement on Friday, January 18.

Eric and I wanted to take a few moments to share with you Clark College Foundation’s response to Bob’s announcement and let you know the foundation’s next steps.

Bob’s commitment to students, faculty, staff, alumni and Clark College Foundation has been a powerful force during his 13 years as president. His leadership in serving one of the top community colleges in the nation will be his lasting legacy.

Though we will all be sad to see Bob go later this year, we support him 100 percent in his decision to turn the page in the next chapter of his life.

Eric: As you may be aware, we are currently embarked on the largest fundraising campaign in the history of this college.

Promising Pathways: The Campaign for Clark College is critical to the college’s future. The $35 million fundraising initiative will provide the necessary resources to prepare ALL Clark students to take advantage of outstanding employment and life-enriching opportunities across the region.

A few of the important areas we’re focusing on are Advanced Manufacturing, guided pathways and scholarships.

Clark College at Boschma Farms—a 70-acre campus in Ridgefield—will be the home of the most advanced manufacturing instruction in the region and will reflect the college’s dedication to supporting the industry.

Guided Pathways is a framework that keeps students on a clear academic path in order to complete their goals, while at the same time focusing on their financial well-being and future career.

And scholarships are essential for providing the opportunity to attend college. Too many of our students would not even be in the classroom if not for scholarship support. The types of scholarships we’re looking to fund can also be used for emerging opportunities and individual student situations.

Lisa: Therefore, in the weeks and months to come, you may hear or see messages about this campaign or about Clark College in general. Remember that, when we come together in support of this great institution, we ensure a clear path forward for Southwest Washington.

I encourage you to think about what Clark means to you and your family, and how you can play a part in its vibrant future.

The foundation’s commitment to this community remains resolute. Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us by calling the number on your screen. We very much want to hear from you.

Thank you again for all that you do for Clark College, and for your continued support of our students, faculty and staff.






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