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Hundreds of high school students converge on campus to explore professional technical career paths

Spaghetti-tower construction in progress

Spaghetti-tower construction in progress

On the morning of February 28, Clark welcomed more than 300 high school students to campus for the 16th annual Professional Technical Day. The event, Clark’s largest recruitment event of the year, provided the students with an opportunity to hear about some of Clark’s most popular professional and technical programs in a two-session format.

Students came from 13 different high schools across the area including, Vancouver’s Fort Vancouver High School, Camas’ Hayes Freedom High School, and Battleground’s Prairie High School.

Prior to the event, students had to select two programs from a list of 12 they were most interested in. Some of the most popular programs included Automotive, Computer Aided Drafting and Design, Early Childhood Education, Engineering and Health Occupations.

Each session was led by a faculty member or advisor and consisted of presentations and demonstrations about the program, as well as a question-and­ answer session. In some cases, students got to participate in a hands-on activity related to the field.

For the duration of the event, Student Recruitment Specialist Narek Daniyelyan hosted a hospitality room for teachers, counselors and career center specialists. It provided an opportunity for them to learn more about the programs that are available at Clark College and allowed members of the college staff to enhance their relationships with the schools’ representatives.

Photo: Students interested in engineering make towers out of spaghetti and tape strong enough to hold a marshmallow.

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