In memoriam for August 2016

 In In Memoriam, News

Arthur Baxter ’89
Lori Below
Harry Carlisle
Daniel Cluzel
Donald Dickensheet
Jeanine Gillas
Helen Grams
Virginia Gray
Barbara “Marilyn” Hannah
Penny Holdal
Charles Houglum ’48
Steven Hudson
Bruce Jones
Bradley Kielman
Jason Kravitz
William Langford
John Lowery
Donald MacArthur ’05
Harry “Gene” Mason
Guinivere Merritt
William Miller ’07
Sabrina Mueller
Donald Murdock
Melody Owens ’77
Elizabeth “Liz” Paul ’71
Daniel Rick
Dorothy Rivoli
Janice Sievers
Robert Theisen – Theisen, 39, studied drug and alcohol counseling at Clark. He helped others as a counselor of young, troubled youth. Theisen also studied weather, a fascination that began very early in life. He was a member of the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network, a worldwide organization that tracks local precipitation conditions.
Charlotte Warren
Stephen Witham

Mature Learning

Frederick Andersen
Gertrude Hascall
Donald Kreitman
Carmen Moore
Charles Norris
Joyce Orthmeyer
Francis Rae
Edith Scheel
Virginia Thrugstad

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