In memoriam for May 2017

 In In Memoriam, News

Betty Benjamin ’58
Cole Burbank
Michael Burton
Jessica Currier ’97

Betty Dial – Dial was the managing editor of Clark’s student newspaper the “Penguin’s Progress” in the 1950s. She receive a certificate in journalism while at Clark.

Clark Easter ’84
Clarence Elliott ’73
Jill Garrow ’77
Sharon Leeper ’73
Lyman Momeny
Jack Purdy ’68
Eric Studer ’94
Evea Winston ’69
Bob Wiswall ’52
Genevieve Youngs ’48
Timothy Zahler


Mature Learning

Janet Andrews
Alex Barges
Marelyn Curtis
Janis Dammers
Virginia Hall
Suzanne Savage
Gladys Smiley
Suzanne Thayer – Thayer was a Clark College adjunct faculty member.
Joe Varga

Marilyn Whitman – By the age of three, Whitman was singing “Strawberry Roan” on the dining room table to entertain visitors.

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