New Penguin supporters flock to Promising Pathways fundraising campaign

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$23 million already raised, 4,545 unique donors have joined

By Joel B. Munson


65 percent of donors are giving to clark for the first time

Of all the donors giving to the current Promising Pathways campaign, 65% are providing gifts for the first time.

Clark College is more than halfway into its $35 million fundraising campaign known as Promising Pathways, and the numbers are looking very promising indeed. Not only has the campaign already soared past the midway mark—nearly $23 million in donations raised—but more first-time donors are joining Clark College in this critically important effort.

Of the approximate 4,545 unique individuals and entities that have given at least one gift to the campaign since July 1, 2015, sixty-five percent of the donors (alumni, friends, corporations and foundations) had not previously donated to Clark College Foundation—ever. Stated another way, the majority of donors giving to the current campaign are first-time donors to Clark College.

“This is extraordinary,” said Eric Merrill, chair of Clark College Foundation’s Board of Directors. These donor numbers “tell us that we are reaching out to more people, communities and organizations than ever before and that they are positively receiving the messages about the importance of this campaign to our students, the college and the community,” he explained.

One of Clark College Foundation’s goals related to the Promising Pathways campaign is to triple the number of donors from the previous five-year initiative that ended in 2014. This means securing unique gifts from 5,000 donors before the end of 2021.

Since the current campaign is already fast approaching this goal, the foundation will likely decide to move the bar higher. Clark College Foundation officials believe this will result in more gifts to support scholarships, Clark’s guided pathways initiative, the Veterans Resource Center, advanced manufacturing, culinary, Mature Learning and other programs.

We’re calling the effort to welcome 5,000 donors into the current campaign, 5,000 Voices. As part of this initiative, Clark College Foundation encourages donors to share the reasons why they support the college and its remarkable students and faculty. Read some of the affirming and heartwarming comments from people supporting Promising Pathways. Leave your own message and join other proud Penguin supporters.

For more information on Promising Pathways: The Campaign for Clark College, and how you can participate, contact Joel B. Munson, chief advancement officer at 360.992.2428.

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