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Clark College, a vibrant village square


The proverb “It takes a whole village to raise a child” expresses many notions—one being that what we do sets the course for the whole community.

Clark College is the village square. It is here wherein people with decades of work experience are retrained for new industries. Clark is where teenagers come to get a running start on college. It’s the place for those over age 50 who are lifelong learners.

In order to have an educated and productive workforce, the region must have a modern and efficient educational infrastructure, as well as resourceful faculty and staff.

Clark College Foundation is the conduit for a vibrant village square and a thriving Southwest Washington. It is through financial support that we can build a new science, technology, engineering and mathematics facility that offer current technologies; assist residents in clearing the barriers to earning their GED; ensure that women see other women in leadership roles within the fields of engineering, physics and early learning; and provide a foundation in the arts that rounds out a comprehensive education.

In this issue of Partners, you’ll learn about students who have achievable ambitions if they have access to scholarships and up-to-date facilities. Meanwhile, alumni will reinforce the notion that community is the glue that bonds a village.

Lisa Gibert
Clark College Foundation

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