San Francisco Performances Lauded as Amazing

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Clark College music group performs in San Francisco

Clark’s Concert Choir performing at Union Square in San Francisco.

Eighty-eight members of the Clark College Concert Band and Concert Choir performed in San Francisco, Calif., the week after spring quarter ended in June. The tour and performances culminated a year of concerts presented by these two Clark College music groups.

During the trip, the groups performed two concerts together, followed by individual choral and band workshops taught by nationally recognized conductors. One performance was service-related: The groups gave a free concert at the San Francisco Veterans Administration Community Living Center. Following the performance, student Jessica Banks called it “amazing” and “a beautiful experience.”

The second performance served a public-relation’s function: The free concert at Union Square promoted Clark College’s excellence and drew a large crowd that responded with enthusiasm to the students’ skill and talent.

The band and choir each had opportunities to be rehearsed by notable music educators/conductors. The Concert Choir worked with world-renowned conductor Elena Sharkova of the Symphony Silicon Valley; students came away from the rehearsal edified and validated for their work and passion for singing.

Choir member Isabelle Wilson said afterward, “I am leaving San Francisco amazed and going home so inspired. I’m moved, not only by our performances this week, but the heart and talent and laughter that went along with it. This was a weekend I won’t forget because of my Concert Choir family. I was inspired after working with Elena Sharkova, and I am inspired by all of you. Thank you for making my year.”

The Concert Band worked with Charles Barrett at San Francisco State University, taking away new skills and insights to performing that will benefit them technically and musically.

Both groups attended a professional chamber music concert at the Davies Symphony Hall, which for many of the students was a new experience. Band director Rich Inouye said: “This tour really represents the comprehensive education we try to provide at Clark. It was the perfect balance of culture, education and performance, and the students really had a great experience.”

Watch Clark’s Concert Band and Concert Choir perform “The Free and the Brave” at The Royal Durst Theatre in Vancouver, Wash.

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