Foundation’s Signature Gala Savors the Excellence of Clark College

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Clark College alumna and Miss Washington 2016 Alicia Cooper opened with an exultant “Fly Me to The Moon” solo performance during Clark College Foundation’s annual gala on November 2, before 330 guests, dignitaries, faculty, staff and students on Clark’s main campus.

During the penultimate event that occurred late in the evening, Clark’s Pep Band burst into O’Connell Sports Complex where the dinner and program was being held, and made their way to the table of retired Clark coach George Fullerton while playing a rousing number.

The band was met by Clark College President Robert K. Knight and Oswald, Clark’s mascot. Knight asked Fullerton what was happening. Fullerton said he had a big announcement.

retired Clark coach George Fullerton

Retired Clark coach George Fullerton announces the largest athletics scholarship gift in the history of Clark College during Savoring Excellence.

“I’m donating 20 athletic scholarships every year to Clark,” said Fullerton.

His donation—the Fullerton Athletic Scholarship Team (FAST)—is an endowment in which 20 athletic scholarships will be distributed annually in perpetuity through Clark College Foundation. This is the largest athletics scholarship gift in the history of Clark College. Eligible student-athletes will begin receiving the scholarships next year.

The audience erupted in applause, Knight shook Fullerton’s hand in grateful appreciation and Oswald followed the Pep Band as they played their way out of the door.

Throughout the evening attendees were treated to performances by Clark College’s Women Ensemble, Concert Choir, Jazz Ensemble, Theatre group and Spanish classical guitarists, while enjoying local wine and dinner.

Two presidential awards were bestowed upon Columbia Credit Union, and Glenn and Betty Tribe, honoring them for their outstanding commitment to philanthropy in 2017.

Lisa Gibert, president/CEO of Clark College Foundation, said she chose to recognize Columbia Credit Union this year because of the company’s commitment to making the community vibrant and productive by giving to education.

“Columbia Credit Union has been amazing because their giving has not been pinpointed to just one thing. It’s easy for a financial institution to say we do financial literacy, but the challenges are much broader. By giving back, they make an impact throughout the community,” said Gibert.

Later in the program, Glenn and Betty Tribe were also recognized for their years of philanthropic generosity. “Humble, wise and generous, the Tribes represent what it means to have giving hearts. For years, their compassion has made a big difference for our students and faculty,” said Gibert.

2017 outstanding alumni

2017 Outstanding Alumni and Rising Star Award winners. Rising Star awardee Cody Messick ’10, Nancy Boyce ’08, Mitchell Jackson ’93, Debi Jenkins ’93, Steve Morasch ’87 and Rujean “Jeanne” Mack ’67. Nancy Boyce photo by Heidi Lynn. Mitchell Jackson photo by Charlotte M Wales. Steve Morasch provided by Morasch. All other photos by Jenny Shadley.

The program also featured Clark College’s Outstanding Alumni and Rising Star awardees for the year. They are Nancy Boyce ’08, Mitchell Jackson ’93, Debi Jenkins ’93, Rujean “Jeanne” Mack ’67 and Steve Morasch ’87. The Rising Star awardee is Cody Messick ’10.

The final performance that ended the evening was a vigorous a cappella by Clark’s Concert Choir, “Nyon Nyon.”

Watch all the videos of the presidential and alumni awardees on Clark College Foundation’s YouTube channel.


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