Student tackle the cost of textbooks

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Clark students take action

The Associated Students of Clark College (ASCC) is an active player in the legislative efforts of the college. In addition to supporting the college’s legislative agenda, ASCC develops its own list of priorities. This year it’s the cost of textbooks.

ASCC President Sarah Moe estimates the annual cost of textbooks for public, two-year colleges is nearly $1,500 or about $50 a week. This poses not only a financial burden, but forces students to make educational decisions based on what they can afford. An ASCC survey of Clark students found that some students opted to forgo buying textbooks in order to afford groceries or pay bills. Of the 67 survey respondents, 23 did not purchase a textbook or took fewer courses because of the expense.

ASCC has gathered support for Substitute House Bill 2686, which calls for an open-course library that would house a collection of shareable electronic course materials available for free or less than $30.

“Through [this bill], we can better establish improved accessibility to education for all students by decreasing the cost of college,” said Moe. “If we can attempt to remove the barrier of high textbook costs for students, we can improve our colleges and the lives of our college students.”

Members of the Associated Students of Clark College.


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