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Former Professor Dix Dixon wishes Clark retirees well

Retired Professor Dix Dixon wishes Clark retirees well.

A combined 135 years of service

In early June, members of the Clark College community gathered to honor the contributions of the college’s 2013 retirees, who in total have given the college more than 135 years of service.

Many of their colleagues, as well as retirees from years past, were on hand to celebrate at a reception.  Returning retirees were asked to say a bit about what they’ve been doing since retirement; a great many of them are still teaching part-time. Others, like former English and history professor Sheila Simonson, who worked at Clark for 35 years, have moved onto other pursuits—in Simonson’s case, working on her 14th novel.

“I enjoy that a lot, but I miss the students,” she said.

Retirees were presented with commemorative clocks by Clark College President Robert K. Knight.

Those retirees who attended were invited to speak. Toni Fulkerson, retiring from her position as an administrative assistant  in the Nursing department, choked back emotion as she said, “It’s been a pleasure and a privilege working with the Nursing program staff. Thank you for giving me opportunities I may or may not have deserved.”

Psychology professor Lewis “Lew” Lewin said, “I’m going to really miss Clark—the faculty and the students and everyone here.”

Away from the podium, Lewin also said that some of his favorite aspects of working at Clark were the close associations he made with fellow faculty members and the diverse student body that the community college offers.

“I lot of them are first-generation college students, and I feel like we’re really giving an opportunity to a lot of students who might not otherwise have gone to college,” he said, adding that he and his wife plan to move to California after his retirement. Clark’s 2013 retirees (with their years of service) are:

Sheryl Anderson, health occupations/director of admissions – 13 years

Paula Cole, SOFA – 33 years

Toni Fulkerson, nursing – 12 years

Carson Legree, art professor – 18 years

Lewis Lewin, psychology professor – 21 years

Anita Lundy, ABE/GED professor – 11 years

Jerry Weber , facilities services – 27 years

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