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Earlier this fall, I attended our annual scholarship reception, a standing-room only event that connects our donors with the students for whom they provide financial support. As I walked around the room greeting guests, I heard snippets of heartening conversations. Young and eager students spoke of their aspirations to be biomedical engineers studying cancer treatments, dental hygienists with intentions of traveling to foreign lands to assist the needy and musicians with dreams of attending The Boston Conservatory.

My eyes began to mist.

This is why a successful Ensuring a Bright Future: Campaign for Clark College is paramount. The $20 million in private support will give Clark the essential resources for preparing the 12,650 full-time and part-time students for jobs and a higher quality of life.

In this edition of Partners, you will read about scholarship students like Casey Harrison, who studied for his General Education Development (GED) test at Clark, while penning his first children’s book. Now a published author and enrolled in Clark’s Art program, Harrison has a half-dozen ideas in the works for his next books.

Clark is the next step for many who have taken diverse paths in their lives. Like Harrison, who worked for 10 years before enrolling in college, we have veterans who spent their youth fighting wars and have come to Clark because they feel welcome and receive personalized attention.

Jesse Bosdell is one such veteran who is navigating civilian life with the help of other Clark student veterans. Private sources of funding from Jane Hagelstein, the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington and other individuals in support of a Veterans Resource Center, will ensure that veterans receive counseling or mentoring during their higher education and/or vocational training—integral elements for success for veterans and their families.

The successful conclusion of the Ensuring a Bright Future: Campaign for Clark College is up to you. With less than $2 million to go, now is the time to give your support that can transform the lives of many students. You may find that this good deed makes your eyes mist too.

Lisa Gibert
Clark College Foundation



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