Celebrating your impact

Clark College is the longest-serving educational institution in Clark County. For 90 remarkable years, Clark College has been an unwavering beacon of education in Vancouver and beyond empowering countless individuals and lifting them to their greatest potential. Clark College has been a catalyst for transformation for many inclusive of providing education and resources to numerous first-time collegegoers and underrepresented communities.

Clark College honored its 86th graduating class at the 2022 Clark College Commencement ceremony

As we celebrate 90 years of Clark College, let us honor the countless lives that have been forever changed within its walls. Let us recognize the indomitable spirit of those who have walked its halls, embracing the transformative power of education. And as we look to the future, let us rededicate ourselves to the noble mission of uplifting students to their greatest potential, for when education flourishes, so too does the promise of a better world.

You are the Penguin Nation, and you are making a difference. Thank you in advance for your advocacy and financial support to Clark College.


Calen D.B. Ouellette, MBA
CEO | Vice President, Advancement & External Relations
Clark College Foundation