Wilma Raines Makes A Promise

Wilma and her husband, the late Jim Raines, made a promise to support scholarships that offer Clark College student-athletes personalized pathways in their education. “I give because I believe in Clark College. It gave me a great foundation and I believe it will give other students an even better foundation,” Wilma Raines ’57.


About Promising Pathways

This campaign is about transforming lives, providing opportunities and sharing the legacies of our partners and donors. Promising Pathways for Clark College will demonstrate this by telling the stories and experiences of you, our donors and friends, who are investing today so that there will be long-term, positive impacts for Clark students now and for generations. Equally, your legacy stories will inspire others to join you in giving.

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Clark College plays a central role in the community—from job creation to addressing critical socio-economic challenges in the region. This campaign helps our community understand the relevance of this institution to today’s economy—and connect with each of you in ways that are uniquely relevant to your own personal story.

Campaign Initiatives



Guided Pathways

An academic and support services overhaul aimed at improving completion rates for students.

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Advanced Manufacturing

One of the fastest growing industries. Clark College at Boschma Farms in Ridgefield will be the home of the most advanced instruction in the region.

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Clark College teams with Toyota, Honda and the Dick Hannah to make our grads some of the most sought-after technicians in the region.

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The remodeled Tod and Maxine McClaskey Culinary Institute showcases modern facilities, focuses on employable skills and excellent customer services, and provides a simple transition to a bachelor’s degree in Applied Management.

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Craft Beverage Institute

Regional growth in the fermentation industry—particularly breweries—has exploded. Clark will be a Pacific Northwest hub of brewing expertise with offerings in fermentation science preparation and on-the-job training.

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Mature Learning

Whether reigniting creativity, deepen knowledge or simply enjoying in-depth discussions with like-minded adults, Clark’s program for adults aged 55 and older has something for everyone.

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Changing Lives



We’re transforming lives by offering financial stability to students who might otherwise leave or not pursue college.

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Veterans Resources

Helping veterans and their family get connected with life-changing resources to successfully navigate civilian life and the college experience is what Clark can do best.

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Stories Of Transformation