In 2022, Clark College and Clark College Foundation officially concluded its largest-ever fundraising campaign—raising $32.4 million—to ensure students get equitable access to quality higher education and services. A total of 5,279 donors supported our Promising Pathways Campaign with an awe inspiring $16.8 million raised for scholarships.

Clark faculty and staff will always be instrumental in providing superior learning experiences and essential services to keep students on their pathway to success. Thank you to everyone for making this a special campaign.

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Campaign Successes



$32.4 million Raised | $30 million goal

Every campaign highlights the numbers—in our case, seven years and 22,409 gifts equaling more than $32 million But behind those numbers are people and their stories. Here’s a deeper dive into the people who made the campaign a success. Read more



5,279 donors | 5,000 goal

Donors are providing direct support to students that go beyond traditional scholarships. Over the course of our campaign hundreds of people like Jerry Smith stepped up to help students stay on their pathways. This is personal to Jerry. Read more

Changing Lives


$16.8 Scholarships | $8 million original goal

Scholarships have a profound affect on people’s lives by offering financial stability to those who might otherwise leave or not pursue college. Each year, Clark College Foundation awards more than $1 million to students. But there’s also a great need for things outside of tuition. Learn more 

Stories Of Transformation