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Challenges and opportunities

    Clark College is offering all its courses remotely and they will continue that practice through the fall. There is a great opportunity at hand: the chance to offer customized training and programs directly related to business interests as they emerge from a recession. Fostering relationships with local industry with fundraising goals in mind […]

Tracking COVID-19

Join us June 3 for a virtual event with Clark alumnus Alexis Madrigal, a writer for The Atlantic magazine, who will address the topic, Tracking COVID-19:  leading a data source that’s powering the nation’s information. Madrigal will talk about The Atlantic’s COVID Tracking Project, a state-by-state tally of data compiled by more than 100 volunteers […]

Clark Partners Spring 2020

“I don’t consider myself a Joan of Arc type of person. I don’t look back to see what wonderful things I did. But I have to say, I was very pleased that (those things) happened.”     ~ George Oberg Jr. ’58   Time will tell 50 years of activism by Clark alumnus George Oberg helped […]

Clark Partners is produced by Clark College Foundation, 2020.Clark Partners Magazine

The magazine features stories of our amazing alumni, talented faculty, the philanthropic partners who support us and the vibrant business community that ties us all together.
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