Alumni Perks & Stories

Dawn Freeman '00 speaks with onlookers during corpse flower bloom.Caretaker of huge flower

Dawn Freeman ’00 is the new caretaker of WSUV’s infamous corpse flower, a rare plant that occasionally sprouts a huge, stinky bloom.

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The guru of old growth has roots in Clark College‘Guru of old growth’ forests

World renowned forest ecologist Jerry Franklin ’55 launched his career at Clark College. His research changed the way we think about old growth forests and shaped policies.

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Maddie Hennerty ’22 is one of many students who graduated from Clark debt-freeClark students borrow least

Maddie Hennerty ’22 is one of many students who graduated from Clark debt-free. She worked to save money and she earned scholarships from Clark College Foundation.

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Sixty-five thousand alumni strong

There are more than 65,780 Clark College alumni. These Penguins represent all segments of society; business owners and operators, leaders in government, artists and cutting-edge scientists.

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They help take care of the sick and the under-represented and create mouthwatering dishes for the foodie culture of today. We are proud of their accomplishments and their commitment to helping our college and community thrive. Clark’s alumni office reunites alumni with the college and one another, provides a variety of services, and supports current students’ pathways to success.