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Penguin Nation Mixer on November 30
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RSVP to connect with the Penguin Nation at the brand new Fourth Plain Community Commons Building on Nov 30. Calling all alumni, supporters, local businesses and community organizations to attend.

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Clark student Priya Oetmann, left, stands with Mark Owsley ’79, center, Clark’s stage manager for 35 years.Dramatic effect

Clark’s theatre department has produced an Oscar-nominated actor, shut down at one time, then was resurrected. Today, it’s redefining theatre for the modern era.


A majestic Turkish black fir tree on Clark’s campus was dedicated in March 2023 as a Vietnam War Witness Tree commemorating the 50th anniversary of the end of U.S. involvement in the war.

Remember these campus treasures?

Clark’s campus has been the backdrop of college memories for 90 years and counting. Revisit some of Clark’s most beloved campus treasures.


Sixty-five thousand alumni strong

There are more than 65,780 Clark College alumni. These Penguins represent all segments of society; business owners and operators, leaders in government, artists and cutting-edge scientists.

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They help take care of the sick and the under-represented and create mouthwatering dishes for the foodie culture of today. We are proud of their accomplishments and their commitment to helping our college and community thrive. Clark’s alumni office reunites alumni with the college and one another, provides a variety of services, and supports current students’ pathways to success.