Connect with members of the Penguin Nation while touring a brand new building in the International District.  Special thank you to our event partners: Fourth Plain Forward. 

Thursday, November 30
Doors open at 5pm
RSVP required

We cordially invite you to RSVP and become a part of the thriving Penguin Nation at our upcoming community event. Circle November 30th on your calendar; we’re headed to the exciting Fourth Plain Community Commons Building.

Penguin Nation Mixer Logo with Clark College's icon clock tower and library in the background and the text "at the" Fourth Plain Community Commons Building with the building mural image. Oswald the penguin is pointing to the text New Building Tour.
Are you a proud Clark College alum, an enthusiastic supporter, a local business ready to connect with the college, or a community organization looking to make a difference? This event is designed just for you.

When you arrive, you’ll receive a warm welcome and an International Zone passport. Use it as your guide to discover the incredible Fourth Plain Community Commons Building. As you stamp your passport at each stop, you’ll see state-of-the-art community space, meet the team at Fourth Plain Forward and learn about their community programs, and connect with Clark College faculty, staff and foundation team members.

This building will leave a lasting impression, and you won’t want to miss this opportunity to be among the first to experience it. The first 50 who complete the passport will receive a limited edition, brand new Penguin Nation water bottle. 

Join us in embracing the power of community connections. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your personal and professional networks within the Penguin Nation. Remember, most job opportunities are born from your connections, so start building them within our vibrant community.

Explore the event further and discover the various stops in the building by clicking on the ticketing link.


Image one is Sheila Davis holding a penguin nation pennet standing in front of a sign that says welcome in nine languages. The second image is a west end building image of the mural, the third image is the oven ranges in the commercial kitchen the fourth image is of the event space featuring couches and wide open windows and a look at the exterior event kitchen space. The fifth image is of the projector down with a speaker talking to a small crowd. The sixth image is an external building shot the playground equipment that has many arches, the final image is of the internal mural of extra large iconic figures with many colors yet a black and white background of bridges and buildings.
Blue water bottle with white text that says I'm part of the penguin nation and multi colored print of penguin nation in all caps. water bottle is roughly 11 inches tall with a black cap and a blue clip hanging down.