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Penguin Chats PodcastPenguin Chats features interesting conversations and documentaries with Clark alumni, faculty, staff, students and partners. Check back each month as new podcasts are added.

Featured Podcasts:

Publishing December 15, 2017

Dr. Debi Jenkins ’93 – “The Power of Inclusion” discusses power, privilege, inclusion, systems of oppression and how language matters.

Coming January 2017

Tim Leavitt ’92 – “Reflections of a Mayor” talks about leading Vancouver, Wash. Will he run for a national office?

Coming February 2018

Mitchell Jackson ’93 – “A Life of Crime or Productivity” talks about breaking away from a life as a drug dealer to pushing words.

Coming March 2018

Cody Messick ’10 – “Discovering Gravitational Waves” highlights his work with a team of scientists who discovered gravitational waves and won a Nobel Prize in physics.


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