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Penguin Chats PodcastIntroducing a new podcast series from Clark College Foundation featuring fascinating conversations with Clark alumni, partners, donors, faculty, staff and students. Each month a new podcast will be released.

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Dr. Debi Jenkins“The Power of Inclusion” – Professor Debi Jenkins ’93 explains what social equity is, how to dismantle power privilege and how being called a racist is misunderstood. Jenkins is an expert in age-related changes that occur throughout a person’s life and she’s a national speaker on equity practices.

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“Reflections of a Mayor” – Former Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt ’92 reflects on his political career, how he championed rapid transit and set the foundation for affordable housing. Also, he thinks there’s plenty of room for better leadership at the highest levels of government in the state of Washington. Does that mean he’ll run for national office?

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Mitchell Jackson“Pushing Words”  – Mitchell Jackson ’93 is an author and educator who is playing a part in the national discourse about race relations. His next novel, “Survival Math,” focuses on immediate decisions that African American men make to stay alive, and the prejudice of appearances. He also talks about breaking away from a life as a drug dealer to pushing words.

Coming March 2018

“Discovering Gravitational Waves” – Cody Messick ’10 spends most of his waking hours out of this world. He’s part of a team of scientists that confirmed the sound of space-time compressing, cosmic events that occurred one billion years ago when black holes collided. Three of the top scientists on the project won a Nobel Prize in physics in October 2017.


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