December 2018

Delores Bonita Butterworth

Edward “Ed” Tandberg

October-November 2018

Coach George Fullerton passed away at age 89, on October 6, 2018.

George Fullerton served the campus for 30 years as a track and wrestling coach and instructor. He was also a major donor to Clark. The Fullerton Athletic Scholarship Team (FAST) is an endowment in which 20 athletic scholarships are distributed annually in perpetuity through Clark College Foundation.

Kenneth Karschney

January – September 2018

Joseph Bitz

Daniel Cheatham
Daniel DeBoever
Susan Skinner

Justin Taylor
Guy “Mike” Close
Carol Waugh

Bernard “John” Worth

Betty Dial – Dial was the managing editor of Clark’s student newspaper the “Penguin’s Progress” in the 1950s. She receive a certificate in journalism while at Clark.

Grace Roesler – During WWII, she worked at Kaiser Shipyards as a welder. Later, Roesler earned her associate degree from Clark when she was 50 years old and got a job as a caseworker for Washington State Department of Social Services.

Ruth Beatty  –  A career as a nurse followed her graduation from Clark College. Beatty worked for Kaiser Permanente and remained there for the 32 years. Nursing wasn’t a job, it was her calling. (The Columbian)

Marjorie Ellertson –  The love of her life was Ken Ellertson whom she married in 2003 at the ripe young age of 79. The family remarked on many occasions the reason for both Ken’s (90) and Marjorie’s (93) long lifespan was due to their remarkable happiness together.

Donna Mae Wineberg Jensen – The Clark College alumna operated Portland Meadows Race Track and Golf Course where she played a key part in the horse racing industry. Jensen was a supporter of Oregon 4-H, The Salvation Army, Camp Fire, Girl Scouts and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Jack Shaffer – He studied photography at Clark College and went on to serve in the United States Navy during WW II while stationed in the Hawaiian islands. After the war, Shaffer worked in construction, primarily as a home builder and contractor. He had a passion for building early American style furniture, crafting hundreds of wood carvings and practiced his artistic skills making beautiful wooden birds, doll houses and other pieces of art. (The Columbian)

Nancy Abel – a supervisor in the production printing department, worked at Clark College for 30 years. She believed in providing outstanding customer service and was well-known in the Clark community for exceeding customers’ expectations.

Fred Olsen  – Fred loved the outdoors and in particular, backpacking trips. He hiked Goat Rocks, North Cascades, The Ptarmigan Traverse, Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens among others. Fred was an avid runner, rarely missing his three-day a week regime. He also ran The Portland Marathon, Cascade Run Off, Columbia River Run, Hood to Coast relay race, Harvest Day Milk Run and was a member of the Clark County Track Club.

Robert Theisen – Theisen, 39, studied drug and alcohol counseling at Clark. He helped others as a counselor of young, troubled youth. Theisen also studied weather, a fascination that began very early in life. He was a member of the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network, a worldwide organization that tracks local precipitation conditions.

Jeff Myers – He earned certifications in the auto painting and worked at several auto body shops in the Vancouver area, including many years at Todd’s Auto Body. In 2014, Myers moved back to Idaho and started his own auto body and paint shop, called Diamond Collison, where he worked until his untimely death.

Edward “Ed” Ross Geiger – A dear friend and devoted Clark College Foundation board member passed away on June 22, 2016. Ed first joined the board in July 1987, served as board chair in 1995 and on several committees, most notably the investment committee. He was, and his wife Edri continues to be, an avid supporter of education.

Jean Adair
Jack Burns
Mike Conway
Virginia Cox
Rosalie Czech
Daniel Dugan
Kathleen Graham
Harold Hooper
Janice Kleven
Michael Matthews
Silvija Milnor
Noel Montgomery
Patrick Moore

Annie Angel
Wallace Davis
Lloyd Hagnas
Burton Kittleson
Cal LaLonde
Peggy Martin
R. Zane Miller
Suzanna Roberts
Wayne Wysaske
Kerri Drake
Robert Fettig
Jack Gilberg
Ruby Talton

Karin Slack
Vernon Smith
Richard Tuholsky
Stephen Rilea
Lucile Russell
Myrna Weaving
Arthur Wright
Shelby Caudle
David Hayes
Bill Jollie
Lowell Mills
Ruth Norene
Dick Carroll

Ronald Bishop – A chief deputy with 29 years of service with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s office. Bishop received his administration of justice degree at Clark and then joined the Multnomah force. He was an excellent chef and had a penchant for history.

Paul Clare – Former brewmaster, founder of three Vancouver outdoor groups, life-long learner in gardening and other subjects, co-founder of Recovery North West alcohol and drug treatment and long-time volunteer.

Jack Rhodes
Jeffrey Richards
James Cowdrey
Dianne Frichtl
Kathleen Gordon
Lewis Haldeman
David Hampel
Dennis Nugent
Clarence Olson
Michael Pye
Ramona Russum
Linda Troxel
Cloe Volgamore
Carmen Davidson-Smith
Dolores Hamilton
Donald Mackie, former Clark adjunct faculty
Michael Nelsen
Michael Pye
Ida Skaar
Donald Adams
Joyce Hayes
George Kerle
James Marchel
Patrick McMahon
William Neder
Stephen Peru
“Gene” Rutcher Sedell
Gale Studer
Patti Wiesmann
Chris Worden
Robert Baldridge
Rick Bryant
Margaret Hepola
Nina Isaman
Joseph Kortman
Mark Landers
Kathleen Linde
Maxine Roberts
Stewart Willis
Ann Angel
Jesse Dean
Lowell Mills
Charles Cromwell
Robert Frazier
Brett Gibert
Gerald Gray
Terry Perman
Mary Schram
Randall Stuhr
Carl Wanless
Roger Wiger
Ronald Zollo

William Beazley
Joanne Beedle-Johnson
David Cawley
Michael Clark
Ramona Dahl
Richard Hoyt
John Hurt
Marvalou Linn
Millard Malkin
Benny Meyer
Doris Olson
Ardon Overby
Carl Shanks
Curtis Sutton
Peter Wilkie
Lucille Bachman
Julia Bottemiller
Betty Dollar
Ellen Durovchic
Walter Field
Robert Keith
Elizabeth Kessler
Virgil Manning
Larry Matheson
Shirley Meagher
William Mishler
Ila Mott-Dykes
Clara Paulsen
Terry Perman
Donald Renfro
Mary Schram
Gerald Shull
Florence St. Pierre
Alton Sunderlin
Arthur Feller
John Ghormley
Gary Karst
Anna Kastel
John Mellema
Danny Peoples
Wesley Stuart
Gary Turner
Rosemary Wendel
Penny Williams
Philip Bergerud
Ronald Cummings
Gladys Davies
William Gage
Ronald Jenner
James Landers
Robert Lyons
Duane McCune
Fred McGee
Shirley Meagher

Charles Scherer
Lucille Tamlyn
Josephine Thorson
Jeffry Whitehead
Gloria Wilson
Neil Bowman
Rosanna Brown
Harold Cobb
Betty Colwell
Robert Coy
Lynn Degerstedt
Ralph Grindland
Kathryn Hansen

Blythe Amondson
Helen Arnold
Russ Bogar
Susanna Davis
Robert Ferretti
Bill Freeman
Isle Hoffman
Delores Landis
Margaret Leiby
Steven Leister
Marjorie Lucke
Cynthia Malcom
Lester Miller

Robert Joner
Gary Koeneke
Mervyn Leathers
Betty Lubinski
Rodger Reutter
Janet Summers
Dolores Uhri
Danny Watts
Evelyn Wolfe