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A podcast on cultivating multiple languages and cultures in the classroom with Clark College alumna Lucy Estrada Guzman

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Creating multi-lingual learners is not a new thing, but it has evolved and is showing up more and more in classrooms across this country. As the nation’s population becomes more diverse, so do our classrooms and what is being taught and learned.

A student at Gaiser Middle School.

A student reads a textbook at Gaiser Middle School. Photo by Paul Quackenbush

Locally in Vancouver, Wash., Clark College alumna Lucy Estrada Guzman ’90 is leading the effort to provide easy access to a program that develops bilingual brains and celebrates a variety of cultures. And it’s so much more than just learning a language other than English.

A short list of resources for dual language:

Website: Washington Association for Bilingual Education, a nonprofit organization

Video: A Vision for Dual Language Education in Washington State 

Website: Washington office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Dual Language Education & Resources

Website: Center for Applied Linguistics

Website: Dual Language of New Mexico

Bookstore: Dual Language of New Mexico


The audio of children and teacher Hugo Zalvala is provided by the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Written and produced by Rhonda Morin, APR. Edited by Magaurn Video Media. Music from Universal Production Music. Penguin Chats podcast is a production of Clark College Foundation. Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2021



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