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By Chandra Chase ’02

Are you a Clark College alumnus looking to make a difference in the lives of current students? Or maybe you’re simply looking to reconnect with your alma mater and other alumni? Look no further than the Clark College alumni network, led by the recently appointed Alumni Relations Director Chandra Chase ’02.

As a former student and employee of Clark College, Chase brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as director. Chase, who attended Clark College from 2000 to 2002, earned an associate of arts degree before transferring to Washington State University Vancouver. While at Clark, she had an on-campus job at the Independent Newspaper and was a scholarship athlete on the track and field team, becoming a team captain in her second year.

66,000 alumni strong
Chandra chase works at Clark College.

Chandra Chase ’02 is the new alumni relations and community engagement director.

In her new role at Clark College Foundation, she has hit the ground running, diving into the last alumni survey and discovering that many alumni are eager to return to campus to guide students as they work toward their degrees and goals. They’re interested in everything from mentoring and speaking at employment panels to volunteering on campus and sharing valuable career exploration information.

With more than 66,000 alumni employed in a variety of industries, Clark College’s alumni network is a valuable resource for current students looking to gain insights into career paths. The alumni have volunteered and fundraised for numerous academic areas, including advanced manufacturing, business and entrepreneurship, creative and communication arts, health care and biosciences, public service society and education, STEM, and transitional studies.

Clark’s alumni network

If you’re not yet connected to the alumni network, use the online sign-up form to do so. It’s quick and easy. We define alumni as those who have taken at least one class.

When you sign up to become an official alumnus, you’ll receive access to the Penguin Passport, a digital membership card providing you with instant access to the benefits of being part of this network—for free. It’s also free to join our alumni network, that way when you donate during PenguinsGive your contribute goes directly toward helping Clark students succeed.


Each spring, we host #PenguinsGive, a single-day fundraising effort where alumni can select a specific area of support for students. If you’re passionate about the food pantry, English as a second language programs or scholarship funds, you can donate directly on #PenguinsGive instead of paying an association fee.

“Every donation to support students matters. Connecting our alumni directly to passion areas instead of an alumni network process fee just makes sense. We want to connect you to the college, not stand in between,” explains Chase.

Stay engaged with Clark College’s alumni network by following their social media accounts. This is where you find upcoming fundraising efforts, news about the college, opportunities to volunteer and events. By connecting with Clark, you’ll build a stronger network of individuals who share a common history and a desire to give back to the community. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of current students while reconnecting with your alma mater and alumni friends.

This article was assisted by Open AI’s ChatGPT tool.

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