Most important takeaways from our historic fundraising campaign

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No matter how you slice and dice it, $32 million is a lot of money.The Promising Pathways Campaign has raised $32 million.

It’s an even more impressive number when attached to a fundraising campaign, like the Promising Pathways Campaign wrapping up at Clark College. After nearly seven years, Clark College Foundation is saying goodbye to one of the most successful fundraising efforts in the history of Clark County, surpassing our fundraising goal of $30 million by more than $2 million.

But before we close this chapter, let’s look back at some of the highlights of this monumental effort and celebrate the thousands of people and organizations that made it all possible. Throughout the pages of this edition of Clark Partners magazine, you will discover some of the lesser known but intriguing facts about Promising Pathways. You’ll read about some of the people who are part of Clark’s brilliant universe of outstanding alumni, friends and supporters.

A higher education institution can learn a lot about itself throughout a campaign. What is it that Clark College Foundation has learned about itself and its community since 2015? Mainly that the foundation is supported by all types of people and entities across the community. That support takes on numerous forms including volunteering, mentoring students, sharing personal stories and experiences. But the most remarkable way our community continues to demonstrate its ongoing support is through philanthropic giving.

And Clark College Foundation doesn’t take that philanthropic giving for granted. Every time someone writes a check or makes a gift online our hearts are truly touched. Each gift greatly benefits students by providing them with a quality education and a promising pathway.Promising Pathways donors are helping make extraordinary things happen.

It’s always the hope that the knowledge garnered during a campaign can carry over to the next fundraising venture. In the 21st century, higher education is committed to one monumental fundraising effort followed by another. They are crucial, even irreplaceable, revenue streams for their affiliated institutions. And campaigns are fun because of the excitement and engagement they generate.

Until then, we at Clark College Foundation say thank you. The future is much more promising for our students because of you. Let’s not ever forget that.

Story by Joel B. Munson, chief advancement officer for Clark College Foundation.

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