Scholarship reception reflects on why people give

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Once goals are achieved, remember to give back

Scholarship donor Lori Jimerson with Alexandra White and Bogdan Goncharuk

Scholarship donor Lori Jimerson, center, poises with Alexandra White and Bogdan Goncharuk, recipients of the Kalani Rodrigues Memorial Scholarship.

Brandon Buck singing Proud to be an American.

Brandon Buck sings “Proud to be an American.


It was standing room only in Gaiser Hall as guests mingled with Clark College students during the annual scholarship reception.

About 300 people were in attendance and included board members, faculty and staff in addition to students and their respective donors of their scholarships. Student Brandon Buck, a scholarship recipient, opened with a rendition of “Proud to be an American.”

The event warmed the hearts of donors as they talked with the students who benefit from the donors’ generosity.There was talk of dreams of becoming a dental hygienist or a professional saxophone player or an early learning teacher.

The foundation is offering nearly $750,000 in scholarships for the 2012-2013 academic year because “generous and thoughtful individuals have decided that is the best way to continue to invest in the American dream,” said Ara Serjoie, senior vice president of Clark College Foundation.

Lisa Gibert, president and CEO of the foundation, said the event helps students “put a face to generosity…and for donors this event brings to life their gift.” Greg Wallace, a foundation board member who spoke of how education changed the trajectory of his life, said the community and students “are blessed to have an institution like Clark College to provide us with the opportunity to have these life changing experiences.”

Clark student Mayelee Watts played the violin and Zachary Prosser spoke about how scholarships help students fulfill their life’s goals. Both students receive scholarships.

“And when you do achieve your goals, please remember to give back. All of us needed a helping hand. For those who receive, there’s a time to give back,” Wallace concluded as he addressed the students in the audience.

Photos by Ian Beckett

 2012-2013 scholarship class Photo

The 2012-2013 scholarship class Photo by Ian Beckett

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