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Basketball fans celebrate Bob Moser night

2013_02_MoserNightMasks350pxThere were a lot of familiar faces in the stands during a mid-February halftime show at a Clark College basketball game. The funny thing was—they were all the same face.

Fans celebrated Bob Moser night, complete with free popcorn and a Bob Moser mask, as they cheered on the Penguins victory during the women’s 100-67 win over Tacoma College. The win guaranteed a playoff spot for the women’s team in the NWAACC Basketball Championships that start March 2.

Moser, who spent more than three decades representing Clark College as a member of its administration, passed away December 9 at the age of 82.

Mary Lou Moser accepts the game ball from Clark President Robert K.Knight.

Mary Lou Moser accepts the game ball from Clark President Robert K.Knight.

He was hired in 1960 to manage the college’s public relations before moving into student activities and alumni affairs roles until he retired in 1992. During his time at Clark, Moser promoted the college with boundless energy and goodwill. He was instrumental in the building of Clark’s signature Chime Tower in 1964; he spearheaded the celebration of Clark’s 50th anniversary, including the creation of Clark’s iconic sundial to commemorate that milestone; and he was the driving force behind countless other projects.

During the recognition of Moser’s life, a game ball signed by Clark’s athletes was presented to his family members.

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