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Bob Knight and Lisa GibertThink back on a time in your life that utterly and profoundly changed you. Remember what it felt like in that precise moment and the months and years that followed. If that experience was a positive one, filled with euphoria and satiated by accomplishment, then you share a commonality with Clark’s science, engineering, technology and mathematics students. The members of Clark’s Aerospace club are one group you may find familiar.

These students are in the midst of enormously complex projects that will play out on a national stage—all without the incentive of college credit. The club is participating in NASA-sponsored competitions that require precision, professionalism, ingenuity and self-discipline. Clark College is one of only a handful of community colleges preparing to compete against Stanford University, University of Notre Dame, Cornell University and Virginia Tech.

Imagine the elation of designing and building a high-powered rocket and then launching it a mile high before it drifts back to the ground via a handmade parachute. Or traversing a five-foot mining robot through simulated Martian terrain, complete with crevasses, to pick up and move buckets of Martian dust.

This is Clark College. This is why we lead the region in workforce development and training. It’s why we are the first choice for more than half of the students who graduate from high school in Clark County and go on to college.

In this annual edition of Partners Magazine, you have read about some of the life-changing experiences Clark’s students are having, as well as donors who support the college because they know that the economic vitality of our community is based on a contemporary educational foundation.

Now is the time for you to join us through the Ensuring a Bright Future: Campaign for Clark College. With your thoughtful philanthropy, Clark can ensure that every person, who dreams of living a fulfilling life, has access to quality and affordable education.

Your financial support will power the programs, services, faculty and staff that lift students up and deliver them to their dreams.

Recall how it made you feel when someone helped you. Be confident that your investment will transpire into a universe—and community—of opportunity.

Robert K. Knight

Lisa Gibert
Clark College President/CEO, Clark College Foundation


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