Poem hits the mark

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Clark employee Karina Gress won the Poem Challenge competition in September by using all of Clark’s learning college principle words and phrases as part of fall orientation. The words include change, collaborative, options for learning, facilitators and engages.


By Karina Gress


People come to Clark

When it’s time to make a change

On to the next step in life

Or when priorities rearrange


It’s all a collaborative effort

Gaiser’s where the journey begins

Students go to registration and advising

To obtain SID and a global pin


With all the classes available

There are so many options for learning

Our instructors act as facilitators

To get those wheels turning


From on line courses

To advance the arts or science

Every student engages in class

With little outside reliance


Clark’s instructors are outstanding

The staff keeps things on par

When a student needs help

Assistance is never very far


Enjoy a bio lab

Or take a whirl at art

Build bridges in engineering

To showcase all your smarts


We’re called the penguin nation

And we’re a tight knit group

We take pride in what we do

To keep our student in the loop


To learn something forgotten

Or to gain some career prep

Take in a class or two

Clark is definitely your next step!


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