The Power of Inclusion with Dr. Debi Jenkins

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Dismantling power and privilege
Clark professor Debi Jenkins is an expert in age-related changes.

Professor Debi Jenkins is an expert in age-related changes, a national speaker on equity practices and a Clark College Outstanding Alumni recipient. Photo by Christina Jenkins

Clark College Professor Debi Jenkins ’93 explains what social equity is, how to dismantle power privilege and how being called a racist is misunderstood. Jenkins is an expert in age-related changes that occur throughout a person’s life and she’s a national speaker on equity practices.


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  • Abigail Soto

    Very nice! Thank you for the education, Professor Jenkins. I especially agree with what you have to say about parental involvement in children’s education being a privilege that is reliant upon financial power. As a parent to a child who attends Clark’s daycare I’ve thought about this subject a lot. I appreciate that the Child and Family Studies program at Clark requires parents to participate in their child’s education *and* I am reminded frequently how much harder it would be for me to complete these requirements if I was working and going to school at the same time.

  • Brad Skinner

    Thoughtful piece. I was raised with the idealism of Jefferson who wrote about the need for equal access to the law and to administrative process, being blind to the status of a person (indentured, poor, rich,) Today more than ever we are talking about equal access in terms of voting rights, educational access and quality of education, as well as economic/consumer rights. By clarifying definitions and substance, the interview speaks to what I consider to be equity of access to the American dream, regardless of where a person is coming from. That is why I hope we can produce curriculum, skills, and career pathways that drive student success toward higher income opportunities with equal access for training and skill development. Good job on the interview questions and clarification. Brad Skinner, Clark College Foundation Board Member

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