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Clark College Foundation Alumni Relations presents:

Creating Super Green Cities with Clark Alumnus Denis Hayes



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Thank you for joining us during this virtual event on Feb. 23, 2021. Denis Hayes ’64 talked about how the Pacific Northwest can take the lead in building healthy human ecosystems during this virtual event.

Hayes was the inspirational organizer of the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, an event that excited 20 million people to gather in cities across the United States. Today, as the CEO of the Pacific Northwest conservation group Bullitt Foundation, the innovator focuses on how to build resilient cities with green, living buildings that rely less on petroleum resources. He is steadfast in his belief that people can create technological innovations to solve environmental challenges. In doing so, he believes we can pass on a diverse, habitable planet to the next generation.

Denis Hayes is a Clark alumnus who champions building green cities.

Photo by David Hiller

Hayes leads an effort to steer major cities in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia to follow sustainable paths. The Bullitt Foundation applies ecological principles to the design of healthy, resilient human ecosystems. Under his leadership, the foundation designed and constructed the Bullitt Center, the world’s greenest office building, which operates commercially. Learn more about Hayes.

If you have questions, please call Clark College Foundation Alumni Relations at 360.992.2855 or email Corey Dobbs.

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  • Eric Norwood

    How long do solar panels last?

  • Richard Collins

    Denis Hayes,

    It seems a great way to move ahead, focusing on green initiatives through renewable source energies. But let’s also take a look at (wow this light gray text is hard to read) what requirements for developers can provide. On all developments, for capitol gains as well as agency developments, that requirements are included that provide for renewables as well as adding cell antenna addition to each development, as opposed to only IT addition. Developers have in the past skated on neighborhood needs, and it is time they provide for more than just curbs and lights. Thanks for staying with this great work

  • Kathryn Scarpelli Salverda

    Dear Denis,
    My mother, Arlene Scarpelli, shared a class with you at Clark College. (Maybe a biology lab?) You made an impression on her & I remember that she said that you were really “going somewhere”. She was right!
    After Clark she finished her education at the University of Portland while raising four children. She taught elementary school before becoming a principal in the Vancouver School District. Our father, Dr. A.F. Scarpelli, was Chairman of the Division of Business for three decades. All four of their children graduated from Clark College and then continued on at WSU or UW. Clark provided a good start for all of us including you.

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