Clark College Foundation inspires the joy of philanthropy in support of student success and program excellence at Clark College.


Philanthropic support developed and stewarded by Clark College Foundation will make exceptional educational opportunities accessible to all who seek them at Clark College.

Clark College Foundation was established in 1973 as the 501(c)(3) fundraising partner of Clark College. With financial gifts from you, the foundation provides the college with student scholarships, program and infrastructure support and community resources. More than $1 million in scholarships, awards and financial support is awarded annually to more than 800 students.



Recognition of philanthropy as the cornerstone in building a successful higher education environment


Adherence to professional ethics and assuming responsibility for one’s actions while maintaining high standards and consistent performance


Support of new ideas, entrepreneurship and continuous improvement at Clark College to transform lives and strengthen our community


Demonstration of sound management of philanthropic resources for the good of the college, its students and the community


Creation of an altruistic environment in which service to others is the guiding principle


Demonstration of a deep respect for differences by actively seeking, celebrating and creating opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds


Respect for and embracing of the strengths, perspectives, and talents of every individual by promoting an environment of cooperation, trust, and open communication